Video conferencing room

screenshot-asr-conference-room-Webrtc-072017-1The video conferencing room for the ASR Team allows conversations with up to 8 people at once. 

Guests won’t have to register to join. Just send them the room link (via email, chat, in Slack) to join in the web browser which supports WebRTC (Google Chrome, Firefox + Opera, in both their desktop and Android versions. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Apple’s Safari have yet to add support for WebRTC). – For guests no registration or downloads are needed.

The WebRTC technology which is being used for ASR’s video conferencing room allows also screen sharing + text based chattingshare-youtube

Youtube videos can be presented to all. Just paste a YouTube link in the text chat, and click the “Watch together” link that appears! – After you click “Watch Together”, the video will then start playing for everyone in the room, and all participants will automatically be muted to enjoy the clip.

Minimum network speed for using the ASR video conference room :

With using peer to peer connection and MESH networking, it means that each person on the call in the conference room is sending a video and audio stream to every other person in the call.  Because of this, the amount of bandwidth needed increases as you have more and more people on the call, and is dependent on on the network quality of each person on the call. 

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