30th June 2017

The core of the ASR Team around Guillaume Douron (4 Dan CWF) is working intensively on a full presentation of its team members, including detailed profiles of all ASR Teachers.

Beside many different issues which have to be taken into account (legally, technically, financially and organizationally) building the leadership team and advisory board the biggest task and challenge in 2017… after the ASR project was taken over on 29th June 2016 under “new command“.


Following short clip (3:10 min) with shooting on 17th September 2016 in Hangzhou (China) was the first video message by the ASR team manager.

Beside (1) Guillaume D. (you know now by video) there is (2) J.R. (spoken JayR) as the mysterious “LinuxGooo” (the only penguin ever seen to be heavily SanRenSei addicted, see his personal Go blog) whom most of you encountered already in our ASR forum or in the ASR chat room on KGS. JayR lives in Germany’s Go capital – in the 1.8 million metropole Hamburg (with headquarter of the National German Go Association, six Go clubs and publisher/online shop Hebsacker). JayR is admin for the German version of the interactive Go tutorial 3-2-1 Go, too.

There is also (3) Yuanbo Zhang (5 Dan), who lives in Hangzhou same as Guillaume. Yuanbo is working for the Hangzhou Go Association in the Tian Yuan Tower of Go (after he has graduated in Historical anthropology of London School of Economics and Political Science). Some of you might know Yuanbo on Youtube as “LittleLamb”, as winner of the Brussels Tournament (2013) and 40th London Open GO Congress (12/2013). Yuanbo – as native Chinese speaker – is our conduit into the Go world China’s where English is yet not standard.

Last but not least (4) Aurélien Depraz who has the very important function to consult us by his professional experiences in HR (human ressources) for establishing efficient methods and work flows which guarantee to build up the required brain power by 2-5 and 10 years plannings. With a Master degree of Intern. Business for Human Ressources and language studies of Business Chinese at the Shanghi Jiao Tong University he has an excellent understanding for Asian mentalities and inter-cultural communication.

The ASR project shall be incorporated as NGO (with recognition for tax deduction) As you already can see on the new volunteer page. The actual plannings and conceptions target at an official registration in spring 2017. The page will be opened in autumn 2016 to apply online for one of the unique volunteer opportunities.

To set a basis, the relevant mission & vision stateNew-Resorts-and-Fields-of-Competences-ASROrganisation-082016-2ment for the successful future of ASR – Advanced Study Room in the long term is currently in progress. One of the main targets having been identified during the intensive work time over last three months: the ASR project shall be driven by the spirit and concept of ‘social innovations‘.

To run the ASR project efficiently with the maximum of transparency different concepts are being proofed, e.g. the doctrine for Open Philantrophy (we can find it in the segment of Open Source and Open Government initiatives).

Tks for coming by and your interests in the future of ASR – Advanced Study Room.

P.S.: The ASR project is not currently hiring.

ASR Information & Support Center
ASR’s new  Info & Support Center

Please mail to us via the new ASR Information & Support Center with any inquiries. While we intend to formally incorporate the ASR – Advanced Study Room project as an independent organization (social enterprise) in the future, these roles might start as unpaid volunteers for now.

If you believe you can support the ASR project, but don’t fit one of the roles (as listed on the volunteer page), note that we are open to considering applications from exceptional candidates. – If you feel that you have outstanding qualifications, please send us a “ticket message” with a resume, cover letter (attached as pdf) and a demonstration of what you would contribute to our international work.

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