ASR’s wonderful teachers from around the world (e.g. China, Romania, USA/Canada, Serbia, Finland, Korea, Netherlands, France):

The ASR league thanks to many different Go teachers and experts from around the globe to give Go commentaries (live), offering Go lectures (live via audio/video) and giving online reviews (e.g. text based chat on KGS Go server):

  1. Kim Seung-jun (9 Pro Dan, South Korea)
  2. Youngil An (8 Pro Dan, South Korea / Australia)
  3. Guo Juan (5 Pro Dan, Netherlands / China)
  4. In-seong Hwang (8 Dan, South Korea / France)
  5. Li Ang (3 Pro Dan, China / USA)
  6. Antti Törmänen (1 Pro Dan, Finland / Japan)
  7. Nikola Mitic (Insei of Nihon Ki-in, Serbia / Japan)
  8. Markó Péter (7 Dan, Hungary)
  9. Su Yang (6 Dan, China / Europe)
  10. Planche (6 Dan, France)
  11. Juri Kuronen (6 Dan, Finland)
  12. Cornel G. Burzo (6 Dan, Romania)
  13. Giullaume Douron (4 Dan, France / China)
  14. Savannah Biribak (4 Dan, USA / Canada)
  15. Shawn Ray (4 Dan, USA / South Korea)
  16. Mathieu Delli-Zotti (4 Dan, France)
  17. Pericles (France)

(Rec.: Some new and upcoming Go teachers will appear soon. Actually they are going through an application procedure.)

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