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Its about your Donation for the Advanced Study Room and ASR league …

The ASR – Advanced Study Room and the ASR League provide a great Go experience for free. – It runs by a group of volunteers (non commercially) who are doing their very best with engagement and passion to make this platform a better place for your personal GO studies.

Actually we count > 455 registered Go players (status: 28th Febr 2017)… since the start of the new website on 25th March 2016 (see statistics on bottom). In total the ASR project has ~550 members (players, teachers, contributors, volunteers, supporters).

The ASR Manager: Guillaume D. in Tournament room (Tianyuan Tower / Hangzhou, Zhejiang
The ASR Manager: Guillaume D. (4 Dan CGF)

The ASR project and its financing runs independently from KGS Go Server. – “ASR” doesnt receive any financial support from KGS ! The existance of this project depends alone on the good will of the Go players to donate.

While we are in preperations for successfully sponsor aquisitions in 2017 a little bit of your financial support by donation (e.g. via PayPal, WePay or Stripe) could really make a remarkable change much earlier to deliver relevant features (e.g. personal / indivialized game planning).

Actually we have doubling Server costs by increasing traffic volume every 2-3 months (see latest upgrade on 29th Sept 2016). Actually the data volume (receiving, sending) is in average 1.9-2.0 GB / hour (= 1.3-1.5 TB / month).

If the majority of Go players (out of 455) likes to support the ASR Team with some few 8-10 US Dollars per month, we could develope the ASR system further on (techically with modern web features) and more quickly… and get amazing prizes & events. E.g. :

  • more Pro lectures live (every 12-14 days instead of 1x monthly – see archive)
  • individual teaching games (see lectures)
  • game commentaries (live via audio/video stream (webcast)… see video archive)
  • reviewing Go books… ASR likes to gift to you excellent GO literature as prize
  • a month cost free membership in In-seong Hwang’s Youngseng Dojang (Online Go school)


Here are two easily ways you can support the ASR league and team:

  • (1) Donate:  Just push the donate button to transfer cash for now via PayPal
                            (Rec.: New payment systems without login via WePay and Stripe are in preperation).
 Following payment gateways are chosen for your donations:
 WePay service coming soon...stripe-logo-black-white-1
Click to donate via PP coming soon… coming soon…
The ASR Team is in midth on work-in-progress to expand the existing payment gate soley via PayPal for more simple features, for transparency, pay-as-you-go pricing… with no up-front costs, no monthly fees, no refund costs, no hidden fees, and no contracts. – PayPal is ideal for donors who are existing users. For those without accounts there are free to make one-time payments with a credit card.  WePay and Stripe soon will provide a more easier experience as they will allow you (as donor) to pay directly with a credit or debit card. You won’t need to create an account just to finish this transaction and you can stay here on the official ASR website. The ASR Team hopes that this will be an easier donation experience for you !
  • (2) Buy from Go Game Guru: If you buy go book or go equipment from our Go Game Guru shop link, the ASR League gets a 10% cut. Get a new goban or book series while supporting the ASR project.


Not everything is about money to live the uniquely spirit of ASR league:

  • Make sure the atmosphere in the ASR chat room and in your games is sporty + friendly -> see netiquette.
  • Review the games you have played to help the weaker players – > see ASR Forum.
  • Tell your friends about the ASR league, e.g. via social medias.

Insights into some relevant statistics

(monthly) Game statistics here

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