ASR Summer Sunshine Contest 2017

While many of our ASR members might attend the 61st European GO Congress 2017 in Oberhof (Germany)  from 22nd July till 6th August and the 33rd US Go Congress in San Diego (California, USA) from 5th till 12th August we might have some lower gaming activities in the monthly ASR league.

US-Go-Congress-2017     logo_egc2017

Therefore the ASR Team setup a specific Summer Sunshine Contest for all who like to have some more gaming activities … playing outside on the tablets some mind refreshing games. – All who have played minimum 4 games in the regular ASR league – can also play in the the ASR Summer Sunshine Contest 2017.

The ASR Summer Sunshine Contest 2017 started on 2nd Aug 2017 – 12:00 am UTC. It runs till 30th Sept – 24:00 UTC.

Details about the scoring method and players list after login here. 14 players are registered already.

Enjoy your gaming and Go studies !

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