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Outside content that is very useful.

  • Baduk movies episodes: lots of great free go videos.
  • Go Game Guru commented pro games: by An Younggil 8p.
  • Go Academy: A Nice way to get your game reviewed if the person you played didn’t get time to give you a review. The set up is very clean and user friendly.
  • The Go Teaching leader.: Another review tool that lets you submit games to be reviewed.This site may take awhile to get back to you on reviews (7-14 days). The site has some of the strongest reviewers that is why its mentioned, I would recommended for dan rated players.
  • Pericles Go blog: Lot’s of game commentary done by Pericle 5 dan.
  • L’ame du go: a book from fan hui (2p) about the importance of shape in SL.
  • A collection of Go Seigen games commented by himself.
  • Weiqiok A lot of fuseki and tsumego helping advice.
  • A Joseki tutor This site is a little out of date however still a good starting resource.
  • Guo Juans Internet Go School Guo Jaun is a 5 dan professional Go player, her lectures are well worth the money.
  • Gokifu A Collection of Pro games.

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