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You find in the ASR – Advanced Study room collected some excellent material which has been reccorded and is avilable in the archives cost free for your studies. ..
  • lectures (audio or text based chat) … status: 18 topics (02/07/2016)
  • videos (screencasts/live streams) … status: 11 videos (22/07/2016)
  • Go commentaries … status: 9 games (08/07/2014)

… and some uniquely specials:

More will follow soon… as some lectures are in the editing process.

The ASR league thanks to many different Go teachers and experts from around the globe to give Go commentaries (live), offering Go lectures (live via audio/video) and giving online reviews (e.g. text based chat on KGS Go server):
  1. Kim Seung-jun (9 Pro Dan, South Korea)
  2. Youngil An (8 Pro Dan, South Korea / Australia)
  3. Guo Juan (5 Pro Dan, Netherlands / China)
  4. In-seong Hwang (8 Dan, South Korea / France)
  5. Li Ang (3 Pro Dan, China / USA)
  6. Antti Törmänen (1 Pro Dan, Finland / Japan)
  7. Nikola Mitic (Insei of Nihon Ki-in, Serbia / Japan)
  8. Markó Péter (7 Dan, Hungary)
  9. Su Yang (6 Dan,  China / Europe)
  10. Planche (6 Dan, France)
  11. Juri Kuronen (6 Dan, Finland)
  12. Cornel G. Burzo (6 Dan, Romania)
  13. Giullaume Douron (4 Dan, France / China)
  14. Savannah Biribak (4 Dan, USA / Canada)
  15. Shawn Ray (4 Dan, USA / South Korea)
  16. Mathieu Delli-Zotti (4 Dan, France)
  17. Pericles (France)
ASR’s wonderful teachers from around the world (e.g. China, Romania, USA/Canada, Serbia, Finland, Korea, Netherlands, France):

(Rec.: Some new and upcoming Go teachers will appear soon. Actually they are going through an application procedure.)

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