Hangzhou (China): Shanglv Cup International City GO Tournmanet (26-31 Oct 2016)

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From 26th to 31st October 2016, China’s biggest amateur Go tournament  “Shanglv Cup International City GO Tournmanet” will be held in Hangzhou, China.

Some basic informations:

The “Shanglv Cup International City GO Tournmanet” is the only tournament in China that players can get rank certification issued by China Go Association (CGA).

This tournament has high prizes. There are also high prizes for female, Children and many other groups.

In order to encourage more foreign Go Players to participate in, the organizer (Hangzhou Brach of China Qiyuan) decided to undertake entire accommodation fee staying in 5-star hotel. Transfers from airport/trainstation can be arranged.

Along with the main tournament, there are also six (6) other interesting tournaments, which are:

13 x 13, Male Doubles, Female Doubles, Male & Female Mixed Doubles, Family Doubles and Children’s Tournament (Below 10 years’ old).

All these tournaments are separated from the main tournament so there will not be any time conflict. These entire tournaments also have high prizes up to 10,000 RMB (First Place).

The whole Go tournament (including main tournament and other tournaments) is under the main structure of the biggest Go festival (the 4th China Go Culture Exposition).

Besides the tournament, you may see Vanished Go boards on the “Go Culture Artworks Auction” and fantastic research papers about Go Culture on “the 4th International Go Culture Conference”.

Class declaration:


Rules for the main tournament:

The game uses the latest rules of competition issued by Chinese Weiqi Association.

Each Side has one hour without overtime. Exceeding one hour will be judged as loss. Arriving late more than 30 minutes will be judged as loss.

All players will be divided into Group A and B to play totally 9 rounds. Once a player loss 5 games he/she will be knocked out. When finishing all 9 games, the player from Group A will play the player in Group B with the same place to decide the final place.

The winner has 2 scores and the loser has 0.

The group place will be judged by the results of all players from the certain province/country. If the result is a draw (less possible though), there will be a rematch.

Schedule 1:
Tournmanet rules for the other 6 Tournaments

Competition: The game uses the latest rules of competition issued by Chinese Weiqi Association.

Rankings and reward: 13×13, men’s double, women’s double, mixed doubles, parent-children group, children group take top 6.

Schedule 2:


Costs: No entry fee for this competition.

00682120d34b4be1b883bb4d1cb998b8All participants are responsible for their own accommodation and transportation. The organizing committee provides room for contestants by email reservation. Due to the limited availability of the rooms, reservations will be accepted in orders.

Accommodation fee per person per day 120 Yuan, The organizer will provide the subsidies accordingly. Single room 300 Yuan/per day.

Registration deadline: 30th September

Contact Person: Di Yang (Email:  616601098@qq.com) | Invitation letter (pdf download)

Location : Hangzhou’s Tower of Go (Address: 2-6 Qianchao Road (Qianchao Lu), Jianggan (2-6) Jianggan hangzhou, China, 310020)

2010.5.27-Hangzhou-Tianyuan-Tower-DSC_8259-199x300The Hangzhou Tian Yuan Tower (l) is a go player’s dream come true. Basically, once you step through the front door, you never have to leave again. Like upscale hotels around the world, the Tian Yuan contains well-appointed rooms and several different restaurants featuring Chinese cuisine, but this special place also include facilities for playing and studying go. To dispel any doubts about the building’s go theme, the fountain in front features a large go bowl and stones, a wall in the main lobby (below) has a huge go problem with the names of famous Chinese go players engraved on the stones, and the main restaurant is housed in a massive go bowl spinning slowly atop the building, providing 2010.5.27-Hangzhou-Tianyuan-Tower-lobby-go-problem-DSC_8297-300x199dramatic – if hazy – views of the area’s famous lake district, as well as the rapidly burgeoning Qianjiang New City, a brand-new Central Business District that is planned to be the political, economic and cultural center of the Hangzhou city of the future. Completed just three years ago in 2007, the Tian Yuan is owned by the Hangzhou Go Association, which uses the first ten of the buil2010.5.27-Hangzhou-Tianyuan-Tower-go-library-DSC_8266-300x199ding’s 37 floors for go-related activities and rents out the rest to the hotel and other tenants. The Association’s administrative offices and go classrooms – called “combat rooms” in English – are on the fourth floor, along with an extensive wood-paneled library (l) of go books in Chinese, Japanese and Korean. The Association has already hosted a number of professional tournaments since the Tian Yuan opened – the facility is designed and equipped to handle the special needs of go tournaments as well as hundreds of players, officials and media — and the finals take place in the Ling Long Hall (r), a well-carpeted room on the fourth floor with low tables and leather-cushioned chairs. Down the hall, in Room 406, the Hangzhou Go Team – comprised of 10 pros who live at the Tian Yuan — trains for their tournaments. Next door, in Room 405, local go students play and study in the evenings. Tucked away in Room 410 is a go store (l) run by Yawei “Robert” Wu, who owns a factory in Hunan province that supplies a chain of nine such go shops across China. Here you’ll find everything from an inexpensive paper board to2010.5.27-Hangzhou-Tianyuan-Tower-go-champ-playing-room-DSC_8278-300x199 gobans made of bright yellow new kaya and his top-of-the-line board, a traditionally-carved Chinese-style board made of glossy dark wood that’s been buried for 80,000 years and sells for nearly $900 (though bargaining seems to be expected). A go museum is slated to open later this year, containing historic go boards and stones, pictures of famous Chinese 2010.5.27-Hangzhou-Tianyuan-Tower-go-store-DSC_8285-300x199players and more, including the oversized world map signed by all the players at the 31st WAGC. There are additional training rooms on the third floor, and several floors of hotel-style rooms for the pros and resident students, as well as visiting groups like Feng Yun 9Ps annual summer school, which is set for July this year. It’s possible to arrange a visit as an individual, but guide Lang Qin Fang says the cost would likely be prohibitive and they encourage those interested to instead join or organize groups such as Feng Yun’s. Although the area surrounding the Tian Yuan Tower is still very much a work in progress – restaurants and other cultural attractions are a cab ride away in the old downtown — the many attractions of Hangzhou’s West Lake District may prove irresistible for even the most dedicated go player.
– Chris Garlock; photos by John Pinkerton

(Source: Thursday May 27, 2010 – American Go E-Journal: The Traveling Go Board)

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