Here you can register for your membership to play in the ASR League quickly – a global community of more than 560 Go players (status: 1s Dec 2017).

The monthly ASR League starts on 2nd of each month at 12:00 am UTC… and regularly runs till the end of this month. You can register for December through the whole month and start immediatelly playing in the ASR league.

New league month starts on 2nd December 2017 – 12:00 am UTC. It will run till 31st Dec – 24:00 UTC.

-320Days -6Hours -27Minutes -4Seconds

ASR-Rookie-Challenge-Logo-sharpen-with-slogan-642-231For very beginners (see participation guidelines) the ASR – Advanced Study Room gives head start any time with the ASR Rookie Challenge Contest you can register for here, too.

If you already are listed in the (old archived) ASR results but don’t have an active ASR player status anymore, just re-register and add your existing KGS account with your former email address so it will link your KGS user name, again and directly… and reactivate you.

Get your cost free KGS account here.

By clicking the register button, you confirm to accept all terms and conditions:

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The ASR team does all to make the ASR league a safe and enjoyable place for GO. – Thanks for your understanding.

You need help for your registration, login or lost password ?Visit our help page here.

Get your cost free KGS account here and meet easily > 45,000 GO players from around the globe. . Its the virtual place where the ASR league members play their games.

KGS Go server is free and opened 24 h x 7 d.


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