prizes, supporters & partners

Prizes for the active players in the monthly ASR league are made possible by the generous support of our sponsors, partners & Go friends around the globe.

ASR prizes :

Right now (July – December 2016) , we award following prizes :

  • Alpha – 1st place: 1 x teaching game with Guo Juan (Chinese 5 Pro Dan), examples see video archive
  • Alpha – 2nd place: Three (3) audio lessons*
  • Beta – 1st place: Three (3) audio lessons*
  • Beta – 2nd place: Two (2) audio go lesson*
  • Gamma – 1st place: Two (2) audio go lesson*
  • Gamma – 2nd place: One (1) audio go lesson*
  • Delta – 1st place place: One (1) audio go lesson*

All players of ASR league have to play monthly a minimum of four (4) games to stay as active player in the monthly ASR league and to be eligible for prizes. Please notice that after the 15th of the month, we will consider the prize to be lost if the winner’s acceptance is not being confirmed in written form (via contact page).

For the 1st place “teaching game” also read ASR’s handout here.

Enjoy your Go studies within the global community of ASR – Advanced Study Room !

* audio lessons delivered by Guo Juan’s Internet Go school
Donations for prizes are greatly appreciated. We need your help to keep offering prizes. We need your support for audio go lessons and specific prizes for Go studies (e.g. Go books, Go apps). – We  always like to offer monthly more teaching games than only one as it fits best the spirit of the ASR League and needs of its league members. – If you are able to support please visit our support & donation page or contact the ASR team directly.

ASR active supporters and partners:

We would like to give Guo Juan (Chinese 5 Pro Dan) from Netherlands a huge thanks for the discount she gave us for monthly public teaching game as well as diferent Go teachers who kindly give lectures, Go commentaries, game reviews and game reviwes in the ASR room @ KGS Go server ! Special thanks to Pericles for having reviewded ASR games.

The ASR team would also like to give a huge thanks to Su Yang, Antti Törmänen (1 Pro Dan) and Juri Kuronen from the Nordic Go Academy (which stopped its activities in August 2015) for giving the ASR a monthly public lecture during 2014. The former teachers of NGC have giving guest lectures in 2016 further on.

For our ASR members GoGameGuru (Australia) offers an online shop with a wide range of Go equipment (boards, Go stones) and books. – A 10% commission rate goes to the ASR project to finance the running costs (server, backup, domain fees, design, programming…).

We are also grateful to KGS Go Server (USA) as the leading online platform in Western world for their continued support (and kind donation of KGS Plus subscriptions for many years).

ASR past sponsors, supporters and still friends:

BadukMovies was a site which had started in 2013 and offered weekly screen casts about various Go topics. Also it featured a database of professional games with a pattern search function. It was produced by Peter Brouwer (6d) and Kim Ouweleen (aka Murugandi 4d), both from Holland. Initially all lectures were free, over the time also professionally dictated content required a fee to view. The project is closed since two years. The last teaching video was uploaded on 17th February 2015. All videos now are free to watch on Youtube here.

We would like to give special thanks to David Ormerod from GoGameGuru for donating subscriptions to English Baduk TV during the past.

Another big thanks to Kim Seung-jun (Blackie) 9p and Diana Koszegi 1p from the Blackie’s International Baduk Academy for supporting the ASR project.

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