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(2nd version: 27th August 2016 /
3rd version: 23rd March 2017)

Thanks for coming by. – On this Help page you find some worthwhile information on how to register for the ASR – Advanced Study Room easily, playing the ASR league safely and how to login straight forward to get a full access to all features.

(1) Why safety and web security ? (Introduction)

We – the ASR Team – like to run the whole IT system and website of ASR – Advanced Study Room smoothly. It is one of the targets which has highest priority, since the project was overhanded end of June 2016 to new ownership (read here).

The ASR Manager: Guillaume D. ( Hangzhou / China )
The ASR Manager: Guillaume D. ( Hangzhou / China )

Therefore it is urgent for your own safeness that we set some technical hurdles by purpose, to make your own accounts and personal login data safe – as much as possible. E.g. using Re-Captcha registration and login processes to protect the ASR league against bot attacks and illegal spamming.

To give an idea about what we have to take care for: Actually the WordPress system – which is being used for running the website and forum – notices (illegal) attacks in the size of ~43,900 per year / 120 per day… steadily increasing, ~220% plus in last seven (7) months. Mostly done by illegal login and malicious registration attempts.

ASR uses different security mechanisms for a full protection (you will understand we wont talk about in details to the public). There is nothing to fear. – We know about the technical risks on the web, and we do all to make it and keep it a safe and enjoyable place for our Go community, which counts for now ~550 members in total, inclusive former (active) players, supporters, donors and our fantastic GO teachers.

We hope for your understanding to give serious concerns at these security issues.

Since April 2016  the ASR league has noticed more than 290 new registrations by Go players from around the globe – mostly coming from KGS Go server (status: end of February 2017).

It needs some strict principles to organize a league of such size :

  • The ASR team, their members and any volunteers – either in the ASR Forum, the ASR chat room on KGS, via email or other medias (Facebook, Skype, Twitch.TV etc. …) – will never ask for your password.
  • The ASR team, their members and any volunteers won’t overhand you new passwords (directly/personally). – We keep them highly encrypted in the Wordpress MySQL database.
  • If you should need a new password, it will be created newly by the WordPress regeneration process system itself, anonymously to us… and sent to your email address directly.


(Rec.: Actually the ASR Team is working on a full ‘privacy policy‘. The Cookie policy, Terms of Services/Use and Disclaimer have been finished shortly.)

(2) How to register ? – The best of 2 ways…

As ASR – Advanced Study Room uses the powerful WordPress content management system for its blog / website. There are two different ways to register.

(a) The classic registration page which uses “I’m not a Robot” and “Re-Captcha” identification: http://www.advancedstudyroom.org/register/

(b) We suggest you to use the safer procedure which will take only few minutes more of your time. It is worth to give it a try if yet not having used it. To ensure, that you use all safety benefits, login via a WordPress.com account (which is cost free). – Rec.: WordPress.com offers two kind of registrations ! One as author/user or a fully blog registration. For the ASR account you only need a user registration. No own blog required.

before login...

The idea is, that WP.com works steadily as a your personal “gate keeper“. You login indirectly to the ASR website – to keep your identity and privacy more safe, with some more benefits that we have setup for you:

  • Notify post author…
    Send e-mail to an author (and/or others) of a comment/trackback/pingback on a post.
  • Notify moderator…
    Send e-mail to the moderator of the blog about a new comment that is awaiting approval.

For all comments on the website you like to give, you can (and should) use a profile name (called Avatar), without leaving the email address there. You will need later this profile (inclusive picture) for the ASR Forum and soon available new ASR league features (e.g. Video Community, Private messaging, Video Chat and others). – You also can use this login profile on many different other blog systems (e.g. Blogger).

It is easily done in a few steps:


On Gravatar’s website you then get a free WordPress.com account; a direct link is listed there. From now on, after having successfully registered your new Gravatar profile (linked with WordPress.com), every login on the ASR website will show your Gravatar image on the front page (in the side menu bar)…

It sounds more complicated than it is… but we like to suggest you this safest way to guarantee you privacy using a WordPress.com login to visit your own ASR profiles (which are only visible after login).

(3) How to Login ? – The safe way…

After you have registered successfully we recommend the following safest way; Use the direct login here with your WordPress.com account:

( We suggest NOT to use the simple Login here: http://www.advancedstudyroom.org/login/ )

Bookmark the safe login link in your browser to get quickly access there.

Alternatively, ASR offers the same link on the front page too. Whenever you come back, you get it on the menu bar in top right side. Simply click on the link “Safe Login (without JavaScript)” to get the upper named WP.com login page. If you login traditionally, same the system requests “I’m not a Robot” and “Re-Captcha” identification.

We configured the ASR website so you have the easiest handling 24 h x 7 d:

  • New user notification to user…
    Send E-mail with login credentials to a newly-registered user.
  • Direct access to your own league profile…
  • Access to the Game archive where you find all games that you have played (and those of your opponents)

(4) How to get a new password ?

You can very easily re-order a new one here:

You then get a personal message sent to your own email address with further instructions. The ASR Team is not being involved manually in this process.

The ASR team never will ask for your password or overhand you directly a new one !

We configured the ASR website so you have the easiest handling 24 h x 7 d:

  • Password change notification to user…
    Send e-mail to registered user about changing his/her password. Be careful with this option, because when unchecked, the forgotten password E-mail request will be blocked too.
  • E-mail address change notification to user…
    Send e-mail to registered user about changing his/her E-mail address.
  • Password forgotten E-mail to user…
    Send the forgotten password E-mail to registered user.

(5) Any further questions ? You need individual help ?

Feel free to contact the ASR team directly…

… or via Social medias:

Enjoy your GO studies and games !


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