The Go Cafe (ASR’s public chat room)

For registered ASR members (> 530) we use private chat room channels (with password and keys).

ASR’s “Go Cafe” is the public meeting point (virtually) within the structure of the ASR project (ASR – Advanced Study Room, ASR League, Rookie Challenge, ASR Summer Sunshine Contest etc. …).

To visit the (virtual) Go Cafe there is no registration or password is required. Guests, Go friends and Go Newbies are very welcome to enter. – Enjoy your stay in the world of Go and have some inspiring chit-chats !

How to use the public chat room and configure the settings ? – Get help in the ASR Info & Support Center !

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The ASR chat rooms are part of the prototyping of ASR’s new GAME planner
Pls report a bug or any malfunction by sending a new ticket. – Tks. 


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