What is the ASR – Advanced Study Room ?

The ASR – Advanced Study Room is an internationally/globally community dedicated to the enjoyment and promotion of Go game. The “ASR” brings go players closer together from all over the world, from all walks of life …  and offers a supportive and friendly environment to play, study, and make new friends. It is run by a group of volunteers who are constantly working to provide the best experience possible.

What is the ASR League ?

The ASR League is an essentially part of the ASR – Adanced Study Room and its concept for efficiently GO studies. Its historically roots can be dated back to 2002.

The ASR League is a monthly tournament for players of all levels who want to play serious games and improve. The league provides a layers structure of classes from alpha at the top to placement league at the bottom. A clever point system rewards activity as well as winning, giving an incentive for everyone to be as involved as possible. By placing high enough in your class you will be promoted to the upper class next month. All games are even (no handicap) which gives weaker players the valuable opportunity to play stronger players. Games in the ASR league should be played slowly, and reviewing together afterwards is strongly encouraged.

How do I join the ASR League ?

Just register there and wait for a member of the ASR Team assigns you to “placement league“, the basis of ASR’s five league divisions (alpha, beta, gamma, delta + placement). You can register any time during the month.

Is there a (monthly) fee for ASR membership ?

No, signing up and playing in the ASR league are absolutely free. Its up to you what you like to support to cover the monthly costs (e.g. server, provider, backupping, software licence) which are steadily increasing. Actually the ASR community is growing steadily from month to month by more than 35 new members.

If you register, you become member of a uniquely global study group for GO with more than 275 league members (status: 5th September 2016).

How do I play Go games for the (monthly) ASR League ?

League games are played in the ASR – Advanced Study Room on KGS GO server. Games must have a minimum of 25 minutes main time & (at least) 5×30 byo-yomi. – Japanese time settings only! All games must be even with 6.5 komi. – No Handicap Stones ! – We suggest free games (but you can play rated if your opponent agrees). Only games played against members of the same class are counted in the results. You can play them anytime you find an opponent. At least one of the players must write “#ASR league” (or as short form: “#asr” / “#ASR”) in the game chat at the beginning of each game. (Rec.: The tag #asr assures that the automated system finds the game, and that the results are counted. If both players forget, please upload the sgf here. A member of the ASR Team will upload it manually.)
Visit a detailled help page here with screenshots: “Easy game setup in 4 steps


Are there a minimum number of league games to play per month ?

Yes, you have to play at least four (4) games each month. As we like to keep  the ASR league a lively play for your Go studies ! – If you have played less than four (4) games at the end of the month, you will be taken out of the league (!!).

However you can still sign up for next month, but you will have to start back in the bottom class (placement league) again.
ASR league design
ASR league design

How do the (monthly) promotion / demotion work for the ASR league ?

Each month, the top players of a division / class are promoted to the upper division / class, and those on the bottom will be demoted one division / class lower.

The number of players promoted and demoted varies from division to division, since we have more players in the bottom divisions than in the top ones.
Note: The players to be demoted are the bottom players remaining in the divisoin AFTER the inactive players have been removed.

How is the (monthly) score calculated for each ASR League division ?

For the Rookie Challenge Contest and monthly ASR league exist an own scoring system, independently from personal rank.

Each player can challenge an opponent maximum two times. The points awarded for a win depend on whether it is the first or second win against an opponent. For the ASR league the points are reset to zero (0) at the beginning of each month.

1 win = 2 points ( blue-dot-0 )
2 wins against same opponent = 3.5 points ( blue-dot-0 blue-dot-0 )
1 loss = 0.75 points ( blue-dot-1 )
2 losses against same opponent = 1.5 points ( blue-dot-1 blue-dot-1 )
1 win + 1 loss against same opponent = 2.75 points ( blue-dot-0 blue-dot-1 )

What if two players have the same score in one league division (of monthly ASR League) ?

The league admins pick the winner based on:

  1. The players record against each other.
  2. The overall win ratio.

If the players are still tied, the league admins will decide whether both players will stay in their class or be promoted/demoted together.

Are there any prizes for the (monthly) ASR League ? – If so, who are the sponsors ?

Yes there are. We rely on sponsors (e.g. donors) for prizes; if there are no sponsors, there will be no prizes. See the prize and sponsor page for details.

The winner is-prizes-for-March-league

How do I claim my prize (as winner) for participating in the monthly ASR League ?

If you won, you just have to contact the ASR Team here (as we dont service the chat room @ KGS Go server with 24h x 7d shifts).

How much time do I have to claim my prize (as winner) of the monthly ASR League ?

You have two (2) weeks to claim your prize, after that we will consider the prize to be lost.

Why do I have to claim my prize (as winner) for participating in the monthly ASR League ?

It is a way to involve the winners more actively. It happened many times that winners did not claim their prizes or contacted us one or two months later! – Th ASR Team can be contacted easily via all media channels (email, twitter, Facebook page, Facebook group, Google Plus, ASR league @ lifein19x19 Forum).

Some prizes are only available for a limited time. For example if you won a teaching game with a strong player then we cannot make the teacher wait forever, see our teachers list here with highly skilled Pro Dans.

You don’t want redeem your prize gift (as winner) for participating in the monthly ASR League ?

– What happens if I do not want keep my prize ?
– Can I give it to someone else inside or outside the league ?

To keep it fair for everyone participating actively in the league a prize neither can be given away by the winner to another Go fellow in the ASR league nor a player outside the league… as the ASR prizes reward the best player or the most active ones of the league month; it is not a lottery prize that any can win just having luck.

A winner only can give the prize back = donate it and the ASR Team will declare the new recipient based on the results of the relevant league month. Regularly it will be the follow-up player right under your position in the results lists.

Can I change my nickname (player’s name) for participating in the monthly ASR League ?

You can change your nickname, but only for the next month. This is because the game results are tied to the nicknames, and also to prevent confusion in the monthly ASR league.

Can I take a break from playing in the (monthly) ASR League ?

Yes, you can take a break for one month. If you want to do so, let us know before the start of the month. If you don’t inform the ASR Team by time you have to restart later again in placement league.

When you join again – so far you have informed the ASR Team by time – you will be able to re-enter at one division / class below your current one. Unless you have three months of solid league activity you will be able to remain in your same division / class. For this to work please post your request in the ASR Forum under “vacation” so we know you will be taking a break. State there the month and date and user name that will be taking a break or contact the ASR Team directly here.

What if someone escapes from a league game or is otherwise rude ?

The ASR Team does all to keep the ASR league clean from rudenes, cheating, churlishness and to promote a cooperatively behaviour and sportsmanship between the ASR league members and active Go players. The legal frame itself the ASR Team has to follow on its own is given by international law… as you can read in the ASR Disclamer, Terms of Use and Chat policy. Actually the ASR Team works on a specific gaming and league policy to give a clear orientation about the “Does and Dont’s” (status: 5th September 2016).
By the experience over last years we can say, that generally ASR players have no reason to escape, and you should wait 5 minutes for your opponent to return, e.g. technically reasons (computer crash, breakdown of data link, script errors an bugs). If however your opponent later refuses to resume, or if your opponent is rude, please send a direct email to the admins of the ASR Team here. – ! Don’t publish it in the ASR forum, as we’d have to see it as “public accusation” which hurts ASR’s privacy policy !
It is important for the ASR League to maintain a friendly atmosphere and bad behavior is not acceptable. Unsportsmanlike behavior of any sort will not be tolerated in the ASR – Advanced Study Room, neither during a game nor in the ASR chat rooms or other forums. This includes but is not limited to:
  • verbal rudeness (i.e. insulting your opponent)
  • cheating – in any way attempting to rig the system
  • frivolous play – resigning unnecessarily, making senseless moves, etc.

We understand that tempers can flare during a game, and an apology can often go a long way. We do however reserve the right to remove anyone from the league who fails to abide by our rules and regulations.

Also read the rules given by the ASR Disclamer, specificly see §4 (“licence to use website“) and §5 (“acceptable use“) you accepted to follow by your registration.

How do I quit to play actively in the (monthly) ASR League ?

You can quit anytime; but the ASR Team can’t remove you from the current month if you’ve already played any games, because that would also affect the results of your past opponents. However if you want to quit, send a short notice to the ASR Team directly here.

What is the timezone used in ASR’s web sites (inclusive ASR forum, help desk + info center) ?

The timezone used to display e.g. in the ASR Forum is however GMT (Greenwich Mean time)
On ASR’s regular website the time of the ASR events is automatically finding your timezone and converting it so you can see the date/time in your local timezone. For exemple this is the date/time of the first Gu Li vs Lee Sedol jubango game :   ( short code: [ gmt ] 2014 – 01 – 26 01 – 00 [ / gmt] ).
If you set your timezone in the preferences your KGS client then displays in the ASR chat room will show in your local time.

My league game is not being recognized / I forgot to tag a league game with #asr (in the game board chat). – What to do ?

It can take up to one day for your game to appear in the results as the ASR Team uses an automated script to export all games and game results into own (MySql) database.

The automated crawler runs every five (5) minutes through the KGS players list to look for new games. – The ASR Team pleases you instantly for your patiency as we dont like to stress and overload the KGS server (CPU processor) which is a non-commercially project on its own financed by donations.
However, if you and your oponent forget to tag your game (with #asr or #ASR in the game chat) or if the game doesn’t show in the results, please upload it in the ASR Forum here.

I have a complaint, question or suggestion. How can I submit it to the ASR Team ?

You can use our ASR Forum easily 24h x 7d. Contact one of the admins in our own ASR Chat room on KGS GO Server. – Or leave a notice in the “Live Chat Support“.

Best would be to send a short notice to the ASR Team directly here.

How can I support the ASR league ?

The ASR – Advanced Study Room is always looking for players who like to volunteer. There exist different forms you can bring in your competences, passion and love for GO. Pls visit our volunteer page here.

If you think, you can live ASR’s community spirit in a sporty and friendly way, feel free to apply online.
It is also great if you review the games you have played to help the weaker players. You can offer your “services” in the ASR Forum or leave there a message to ask for an  individually game analsyis.
Also, you can support the ASR – Advanced Study Room and ASR League by telling your friends about the uniquely ASR concept. – Make mouth-to-mouth PR !
… and give the ASR Team some (critically) feedback as it supports the whole league system to progress steadily. We are delighted to work on better structures, but… we can only do it if you let us know what needs to be improved. – Tell us what‘s on your mind in the ASR Forum… as we are running the project of an online studying group for you.
Another way to help is by make online a donation, e.g. to cover the monthly server costs. Pls check the support ASR page.

My question is not here (in the FAQ section). – How to contact the ASR Team ?

Please use our ASR Forum (after registration + login), ask us in own ASR chat room (@ KGS GO server), leave a short notice in the “Live Chat support” or send a direct email to the ASR Team directly here.

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