Guo Juan’s Teaching Game in Sept 2016

Thursday September 15th, 2016 1:00 PM UTC to 3:00 PM UTC


Some of you may already know that each month the winner of Alpha league division is rewarded with a teaching game given by Guo Juan 5p ! – September 2016 is ready for it.

And more, there will be reviews of each games afterward with audio all league and non-league members can participate on KGS Go Server.KGS Go server

This month (September 2016) it is the turn for “strong GeorgeW” (4 Dan) ! – Lucky man, as it is the 2nd teaching game he receives. Congrats 🙂 (see post of 5th Sept 2016 here:August Review  + prizes“)

Let’s go encourage him on Thursday, 15 September 03:00 pm CET (Europe/Paris) = 01:00 pm UTC = 09:00 am Canadian Time (Toronto) in the ASR – Advanced Study Room on the KGS Go server. You find this room under “lessons” in the KGS room list !

Meanwhile you can have a look at Guo Juan’s Internet go school. – A huge thanks to her making this happen !


Warm greetings from Hangzhou/China
Guillaume Douron (aka litchee)

P.S.: If by any chances given to you “ASR” will be delighted for your donation … as the project runs fully by volunteering. We like to offer quality teachings, with Pro dans in 2017 further on. – Tks in advance for your generous support.Cllick2Donate-Big-WP-and-PP-with-QR-092016-1


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