Video and chat Room (ASR-RTC Beta 2.0)

(1st publishing: 6th July 2016 /
latest update: 13th August 2016)

Dear ASR league members, dear Go friends !

… as we like to progress as Go players behind the board steadily, the ASR server as platform for the monthly league system shall be developed steadily to fulfill the deeds and wishes of our league members, and for Go players around the globe who are linked with us. As Guillaume D. (4 Dan) aka litchee as the new ASR manager since 1st July 2016 (see his first post) targets at to lead the ASR league into a competitively future today starts the pilot project ASR-RTC and it’s beta test phase 1.0. (Rec.: You can do the self test on bottom of this page here.) WebRTC_logoAll features for now are limited for up to 50 monthly unique active ASR users. The test protocol runs on the basis of WebRTC (Web Real Time Communication). It is a standard (API definition) which exists since 2011 as an open-source projet (founded by Google) that supports browser-to-browser applications for voice calling, video chat, and P2P file sharing. Mobile Telephone (VoIP) is another feather which is being implemented since November 2015. baduktv-live-board-2Why ASR-RTC ? – The ASR league can …

  • organize video and/or audio and text based teachings and/or reviews
  • support league members and users to utilize the browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox*) without the need for additional applications or plug-ins
  • use the encryption for the media poriding a higher a higher security level (than most currently available commercial systems)

Other relevant benefits by using the WebRTC standard are:baduktv-live-board-1

  • cost savings (lower bandwidth for streaming = affordable data volume)
  • rich communication between the ASR league members without the need for special applications and servers
  • un-interrupted communication keeping its league members on the web page and at the same time start a voice and video call
  • using state of the art encryption standards

Give it a try on your own with the next test, see event calendar. And pls give your feedback in the ASR forum here, where Micka had picked up the topic couple of days.

Warm greetings Jorja R. (aka LinuxGooo)

!! For now it is a self test !!
With a click on Start, Call + HangUp, you can test easily if your own camera is being recognized in your browser.

P.S.: If you want become one of the beta testers – we soon will look for – you should be able technically to switch on your camera and microphone on request and see you in the screen field here. If so, then you can apply as Beta Tester in the ASR forum, here. Tks for your interests.


*) WebRTC is supported in the following browsers: Desktop PCs (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera) / Android (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mobile), Chrome OS, Firefox OS, iOS (Bowser), Blackberry (Browser).

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