Guillaume Douron (4 Dan, CGF)

Go Teacher (+ ASR Manager)

ASR Division: Education Ressort, League Management, Management board

Go Rank : 4 Dan (CGF)

Hobbies : Ping Pong
Interests : Music
Language skills : French, English Spanish, Chinese
born: 01/23/1989 (France)


Université Lumière (Lyon II)

Performing Arts License, Cinema and photography

I learned extensive knowledge in the field of history and aesthetics of cinema. I developed theories of cinema and film analysis methods and also law and economics of cinema. This educational program and practical skills that I have acquired throughout my schooling (from the second year I attended workshops of audiovisual creation) gave me an overview of the audiovisual world and allowed me to fit into the professional cloth bound trades of culture and audiovisual (programming, production, distribution and film and audiovisual exploitation). My skills are broad and therefore I have a great capacity for adaptation based on available jobs.

Bellecour écoles d’arts

Preparatory course, Fine and Studio Arts

The preparatory class of Applied Arts is an intense year of discovery and learning. I implemented the concepts required by the design professions as a whole and acquired a basic artistic training through
taming the different means of expression and creative graphics and by acquiring a strict methodology.


  • Born in France, nearby Lyon. I left home at 17 years old for studies and I have been traveling a lot; I have been on 4 different continents before the age of 20. It gave me a sense of curiosity about everything and taught me to be flexible/adaptable quickly to every new situation.
  • My passion is the game of Go, I started at age of 14.
    Through playing this game I learned a lot about myself, I became aware of my strengths and weaknesses.
    My biggest weakness is… (I will tell you when we meet, maybe…)
  • I have skills in different areas such as: video, photography, painting/drawing, project management and of course Go teaching/playing.
  • I studied different fields, and that lead me to join different projects such as an NGO for making movies (Locomotion’films) during my Cinema studies; a French web radio named “CulturePunk”; a culture&art project named “Dreamerhouse” when I arrived to China and now I took over on 29th June 2016 the responsibility with a new ASR Team to bring the “Advanced Study Room league” (ASR) into the hands of a legal form (e.g. NGO)… on a technically modernized learning platform.
  • My ideal goal would be to make a living from what I love most: Go.

My name is Guillaume Douron, I am 27 years old. I am a peaceful dreamer and a Go lover. I am quite shy, and same time audacious. I love games, any games, and I am decently good in all the ones I tried, even love practicing a few sports, such as table tennis and badminton.

I like traveling on my own, without help of guide books. I like to get lost in new country, meet the real people from here and there and exchange good feelings as much as possible !

Since 2013 I am living in China. My wife Tao Zhi is Chinese; she works in Hangzhou as an artist with own jewellery workshop. Actually there I am on the “front door” of the Go world (Rec.: China is the top leading nation in this mind sports together with Korea and Japan), to do something uniquely… in this field with more than 100 million Go players around the world.

Some impressions from Guillaume’s Go live in Hangzhou (China)

Go makes people from different social classes, different countries, cultures and languages, to sit together, to share a space where they they can talk directly on an emotional level without speaking the foreign language of the opponent. It bonds people together; I believe this is the greater good behind promoting Go.

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Guillaume’s first video message as ASR Manager for the ASR – Advanced Study Room

The shooting took place on 17th September 2016 in Hangzhou (China).

Some of Guillaume’s Teachings: Ortodoxe Fuseki (French)

part 1…

part 2…

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