Results of the European Student Go Championship 2016


The ASR Team and ASR league congrats to 7 Dan Peter Marko (Hungary) for the Hattrick. He won third time the European Student Go Championship on weekend in the EGCC / Amsterdam (as reported) – after 2015 and 2013. results in 2015… results in 2014… results in 2013… The league members of ASR  – Advanced … Read more

Amsterdam (NL): European Student Go Championship 2016 (24-25, Sept)

European Student Championship 2015

… seen at ASR Calendar Saturday: September 24th, 2016 Sunday: September 25th, 2016   European Championship 2016 Date: 2016-09-24 – 2016-09-25 Time: 09:15 Location: European Go Cultural Centre (Amstelveen, Amsterdam) Information The tournament schedule will be announced later. However, the registration will be open on Saturday from 09:15 till 09:45. On Sunday the closing ceremony … Read more