review: 1st week of EGC 2017 (European Go Congress) in Oberhof (Germany)


Hello, dear ASR members & Go friends ! … came back on Sunday from EGC2017 (as announced earlier). It was a amazing experience to see playing 700 Go enthusiasts on weekend tournament, beside watching Pro games, game commentaries and having lots of (Go) fun, far after midnight. It was enjoyable to meet Go players and … Read more

Announcement: Welcome to the European Go Congress 2017 in Oberhof (Germany) !


7th January 2017 (1:1 re-print) A word from the president of German Go Federation! As you probably know, Germany became host of the European Go Congress 2017 just a few days before Christmas 2016. Despite the short time that this leaves for the preparation of the congress, I can assure you that we will make your … Read more

Breaking News : 61st European Go Congress (EGC) 2017 in Cappadocia (Turkey) cancelled


For all ASR league members in Europe (or elsewhere) who took the annually EGC on their time planning… the event in 2017 (21st July – 6th August) is postponed indefinitely.   November 21 at 10:53amSource: Official FB page – Dear Go Players, I am very sad to announce that we, the organising committee … Read more