25/05/2017: Guillaume D. (ASR Team) on Chinese TV (Wuzhen) for Ke Jie vs. Alphago (match 2)


ASR’s team leader (and owner) Guillaume Douron, who lives since more than 3 years in China/Hangzhou,and his Chinese wife Tao Zhi (who is a jewelry designer) were invited by Zhejiang Television of Zhejiang Radio and Television Group. ZJTV is China’s 4th biggest TV channel (locally ~56 million audience), see official website. Guillaume D. herewith got the … Read more

China (Wuzhen): The Future of Go Summit – Alphago vs. Ke Jie (23-27 May 2017)


In early spring 2016  Google’s AlphaGo AI -based on DeepMind’s AI technology- played a historic series of matches against Lee Sedol. Lee is an 18-time world champion in Go. This year, after many requests from the Go community, Google plans to pit the AlphaGo AI against Ke Jie, the world’s current no. 1 player. Now … Read more

pre-announcement: New AlphaGo movie will premiere @ 2017 Tribeca Film Festival.


AlphaGo, the new documentary movie (~ 90 min.) by ten-time Emmy Award winning director Greg Kohs, will premiere at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival (N.Y.). Hauschka (aka Volker Bertelmann) is composing the original music for the upcoming documentary AlphaGo (source: filmmusicreporter.com). Tickets now available! #Tribeca2017 More details: https://tribecafilm.com/filmguide/alphago-2017 Official FB page: https://www.facebook.com/alphagomovie/info Press release (29.03.2017): Inaugural Tribeca … Read more

pre-announcement: AlphaGo will play early 2017 (again)

South Korean professional Go player Lee Sedol is seen on TV screens during the Google DeepMind Challenge Match against Google's artificial intelligence program, AlphaGo, at the Yongsan Electronic store in Seoul, South Korea, Wednesday, March 9, 2016. Google’s computer program AlphaGo defeated its human opponent, Lee, in the first game of their highly anticipated five-game match. (Ahn Young-joon/AP)

The chief developer and computer scientist Aja Huang (7 dan) announced it first via Facebook on November 6 at 11:06 pm (London).  我們很高興向大家宣佈,AlphaGo的棋力在已過半年有巨大的進步,將在2017年初復出下棋。我們團隊會在近期內公布更多訊息。 We are happy to announce that AlphaGo is stronger than 6 months ago and will play again early 2017. More details coming soon. Opening Keynote for the USGo Congress 2016: “The Story … Read more

Evaluating current AlphaGo against computers…

… seen at MySanRenSei Blog Posted by LinuxGooo ⋅ March 27, 2016 Evaluating current AlphaGo against computers… ( Source of picture: Peter Dijkema – Philosophy of GO… https://www.facebook.com/PhilosophyOfGo/ ) David Silver (Team manager of AlphaGo team @ Deepmind) shows the graph… AlphaGo (Version #18) which won against Sedol Lee 9P in March 2016 (result of … Read more

1:3 – First win in round 4: Lee Sedol (9P Dan) beats back… Did he play the Divine Move against AlphaGo (AI) ?


… seen at MySanRenSei Blog Posted by LinuxGooo ⋅ March 13, 2016 ⋅ Leave a comment It had been exiting days this week for every Go lover around the globe… and for some of us it had been sleepless nights becaues of different time zones the live streaming in Seoul (South Korea) of the five … Read more

The Go world under shock… Artificial intelligence wins first round of 5 against 9 Pro Dan Lee Sedol


… seen at MySanRenSei Blog Posted by LinuxGooo ⋅ March 9, 2016   First tks to David Ormerod and Younggil An (8p) for the detailled report which was available on GoGameGuru shortly couple of hours after Le Sedol resigned in his first game (of 5) against the AI computer AlphaGo. MySRS Blog got some of … Read more

1st night of all nights in GO history: AlphaGo (AI) battles first round agains 9P Dan Lee Sedol (Korea)


… seen at MySanRenSei Blog Posted by LinuxGooo ⋅ March 8, 2016   It will become some exiting five days from 9th March 2016 on in the Four Seasons Hotel in Seoul (Korea) which can be seen as a historical moment in GO history. March 2016 will proof if a highly skilled human player can … Read more