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Patrick Bridges ‘s preface

This book is a collection of stories and commented games published by Jim Z.~Yu on the newsgroup in late 1993. Mr.~Yu translated the games from Chinese from the book Detailed Analysis of Wu’s Famous Games.” (Wu is Go Seigen’s Chinese name.) Because I enjoyed the information so much, I wanted to put them in a format that would be easy to use along with a real board to replay the games, and easy to give to friends. The original games were distributed as MGT computer files, and the original stories as text files.

Virtually all of the remaninder of the text is Wu’s or Yu’s, with a few exceptions. With the exception of the biographical appendix, all introductory material is by Mr.~Yu. The biographical appendix is mainly by Wu’s brother. The game commentaries are generally by Wu. However, they contain notes made by the original Japanese editor, Mr. Katsumoto Tesshuu. Mr. Katsumoto often introduces some background information at the beginning of a game, and some commentary on the moves towards the end, when Go Seigen 9 dan tends to comment less. His comments during the games are given in italics. Some additional notes for the sake of clarrification and made by
Mr.~Yu and are enclosed in square brackets, [” and ].”
I have used both Jan van der Steen’s sgf2misc utility and Daniel Bump’s sgf2tex to typeset the games, and I typeset the stories by hand using LaTeX. The original source for the games and stories can be found on the Internet Go Archives, which are currently found at The complete URL for the original source code is:
Links to the LaTeX source code for this book, as well premade postscript and PDF version are available at:
One note regarding copyright: All of the text here included here was pulled off of the Internet Go Archive, and translated from uncopyrighted Chinese books by Jim Z.~Yu. Mr.~Yu holds copyright on the translations and stories in this book, and has granted the right to reproduce his material for personal (non-commercial) reference.
Typesetting and editing was done by me, Patrick Bridges. My changes are available under the GNU Documentation License, v 1.0 or later, when that becomes available. Until then, I assert copyright over my changes, but grant permission for reproduction or editing for personal, non-commercial use.

Patrick Bridges, Fall 1999
bridges 8k* on NNGS

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