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All eight games of Go Seigen were commented by Go Seigen 9-dan himself,and the commentary were translated from the book “Detailed Analysis of Wu Qing Yuan’s Famous Games.” People’s Sports [China]. (Go Seigen’s name in Chinese pinyin is spelled as Wu Qing Yuan.)

This work of translating and editting is dedicated to the authors of mgt (various versions), the administrators of IGS (the Internet Go Server), the IGS client program writers, and the people who have provided “homes” for IGS.  Also, thanks are xpressed towards the supportive players and fans in the Internet Go community. [..]

Commentary:  All comments were made by Go Seigen 9 dan (first in Japanese, then translated to Chinese, and now to English) except —

a. The notes made by original Japanese editor, Mr. Katsumoto Tesshuu.  Mr. Katsumoto often introduces some background information at the beginning of a game, and some commentary on the moves towards the end, when Go Seigen 9 dan tends to comment less.  Mr. Katsumoto’s notes are inclosed by “(*”and “*).”

b. The notes made by mgt editor (that’s me :).  Most of his notes are directions to read through the variations, coordinates of some important points (to emphasize), and, occasionally, his fussy thoughts.:) His notes are inclosed by square brackets, “[” and “].”

Also, throughout the file, Go Seigen is replaced by “Wu” when only his last name, “Go”, is mentioned.  This is to avoid the confusion between his name and the name of this game (in English). [..]

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Kind regards,                        September 27, 1993
Jim Z Yu         


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