23rd Aug – 1st Sept: The Nihon Ki-in Summer Go Camp 2016 (2)

Sunday August 28, 2016
Monday August 29, 2016
Tuesday August 30, 2016
Wednesday August 31, 2016
Thursday September 1, 2016

The Nihon Ki-in Summer Go Camp 2016, 23rd Aug-1st Sep 2016


The Nihon Ki-in Summer Go Camp 2016 (which is planned and hosted by the Nihon Ki-in) is an intensive training program for non-Japanese go players who want to raise your level and skill of go in the Nihon Ki-in (Tokyo).

As participant you will be provideed with original lectures, unique workshops and cultural events every day by highly-selected and richly-experienced professionals of the Nihon Ki-in, e.g. Ishidda Yoshio, Michael Redmond, Kobayashi Koichi and others !

You will also participant in most popular amateur go tournament in Japan!

Contact: Overseas Department, The Nihon Ki-in – eMail: or

Mor informations here.

(Source: 08/2016 – The Nihon Ki-in)

Download the Schedule and Program as PDF here.


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