60th G0 Congress in St. Petersburg (Russia) from 22/07/ till 07/08/2016

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Since longer it was announced in the ASR Forum here.

The European Go Congress starts now and will take place in Saint Petersburg (Russia) from July 22 till August 7, 2016

Official website: http://egc2016.ru/

Registration: http://egc2016.ru/en/registration/form

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/egc2016/

More than 1,000 Go player have pre-registrated. – Anybody of ASR league there ??

Many things were going around as preperations and pre-events for the European Go Congress in St. Petersburg… as on the weekend of 28th May took place a simultan street tournament, the first and biggest of it’s kind in Europe… with lots of activities for kids. Amazing the drone video documing this uniquely even. It seems Russians love Go a lot.

Wonderful also the activities on same day in Alexandrovskiy park in St. Peterburg to teach kids in Go using a very popular cartoon. The cartoon characters – very well known in whole Russia – were teaching kids to play Go.

The first “official Go pre-game” as part of the European Go Congress started in June: the EGC-2016 promo match between Hajin Lee and Russian Go Team on KGS. More details on Sensei’s Library.

The games began at 08:00 pm South Korean time = 01:00 pm European Summer time (MEST) with 20 minutes regularly play time.

Here the video  stream on Hajin Lee’s Youtube channel documenting the first game on Saturday, 11th June:

AlphaGO will come to St. Petersburg

06/23/2016- DeepMind representatives will come to Go congress in St. Petersburg!Aja Huang, who was actually putting the stones on the board for AlphaGo during the games against Lee Sedol, and Fan Hui, who become the first Go professional to be defeated by a computer program, will give an opening speech for the Congress participants on July, 25.

picture: 1st round 9th March 2016 – Alphago (left) vs. Lee Sedol (right). In the back as jury Fan Hui sitting in the middle.

Fan Hui and Aja Huang will talk about the development of AlphaGo – the program went down in the history. The speakers will also answer the guests’ questions.

You can ask your questions already now, just email to: l.nemchinova@ob-com.ru

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