New players are always welcome in our global community of > 430 GO players.
Registration for the February league is open …

The rotation process for the new league month February 2017 went successfully… it swapped all active ASR league members of January into the new league divisions (alpha, beta, gamma, delta and placement).

New league month will start on 2nd February 2017 – 12:00 pm UTC. It runs till 28th Febr – 24:00 UTC.

For all new registered players: Welcome in the ASR league. – Enjoy your games !

Video :  The ASR manager Guillaume Douron (4 Dan)
from Hangzhou (China)

new 1-division contest for KGS beginners


start: Sun, 11th Dec 2016


The winner is-prizes-for-December-league

You find the 2016 + Jan 2017 results page and players list in the archive here.

Remember while playing to index each game with the tag #asr in the KGS game chat till first 100 moves.

February league