The ASR – Advanced Study Room services its league players + Go beginners (actually > 475 registered members) with some uniquely “Go food” through whole year (24 h x 7 d) :

Go players from around the globe challenge and develop their Go skills in the monthly league and its five (5) divisions: alpha, beta, gamma, delta + placement league.

If one does not fulfill yet the participation standards he/she can start in ASR’s new Rookie Challenge (which started newly on 11th December – 12:00 am UTC) ! – The rookies play among other candidates under the guidance of a Rookie coach and his/her assistant who will support their first steps to be well prepared for playing the regular (monthly) ASR League.


scoring system – calculating points

Scoring Table - Alpha division (ASR league month 02/2017)
Scoring Table – Alpha division (extract from ASR league month 02/2017)

For the Rookie Challenge Contest and monthly ASR league exist an own scoring system, independently from personal rank.

Each player can challenge an opponent maximum two times. The points awarded for a win depend on whether it is the first or second win against an opponent.  For the ASR league the points are reset to zero (0) at the beginning of each month.

1 win = 2 points ( blue-dot-0 )
2 wins against same opponent = 3.5 points ( blue-dot-0 blue-dot-0 )
1 loss = 0.75 points ( blue-dot-1 )
2 losses against same opponent = 1.5 points ( blue-dot-1 blue-dot-1 )
1 win + 1 loss against same opponent = 2.75 points ( blue-dot-0 blue-dot-1 )

All players and game results are listed in following tables:




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