Why Kaizen Deck ?


New league month starts on 2nd March 2017 – 12:00 am UTC. It runs till 31st March – 24:00 UTC. – Good luck !




How to start my first game ? It’s just 4 steps…


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new 1-division contest for KGS beginners


start: Sun, 11th Dec 2016

The winner is-prizes-for-December-league

ASR’s first video message: ASR manager Guillaume Douron (4 Dan) from Hangzhou (China)

litchee profile

litchee is playing in kgs with the nickname litchee.

He is curently 5th in Alpha.

Show kgs graph.
EventDivisionRankWinsLossWin %#Games
ASR League March 2017Alpha5/83350 %6/14
ASR League Februar 2017Alpha2/85183 %6/14
ASR League Januar 2017Beta3/840100 %4/14
ASR League December 2016Alpha8/81150 %2/14
Rookie Cup-Test4/41150 %2/6
ASR League November 2016Beta6/111150 %2/20
ASR League October 2016Alpha5/840100 %4/14
ASR League September 2016Alpha4/840100 %4/14
ASR League August 2016Alpha6/83443 %7/14
ASR League July 2016Alpha4/84267 %6/14
ASR League June 2016Alpha3/86367 %9/14
ASR League May 2016Alpha2/86186 %7/14
ASR League April 2016Alpha3/840100 %4/14


MyPM (ASR’s private message system)

The PM system is coming soon. For the individually and personalized implemented the ASR Team is working on it since 2nd August 2016. Here some first screenshots of the internal Alpha tests and a short video:




Why we name your profile page “Kaizen Deck” ? – Go players have a fable for Japanese culture since long as Japan was in the 80s (last century) the strongest Go nation worldwide, ahead of Kora and China. Kaizen is the Japanese word for “improvement“. And a method as used by Japanese corporations which follows the Kaizen princips too (e.g. Toyota): Plan ? Do ? Check ? Act (also see Shewhart cycle). The term “Kaizen” fits very well what ASR – Advanced Study Room and the ASR league stand for by its own philosophy. The ASR Team has the confidence, that your personal (profile) page – as starting point – supports you to reach your personal targets in your own GO studies more easily.