About how i make a new league

I’ve had some questions about how i go about making a new league. Ill explain the steps i take so it’s more clear on how i do it: First off i kick everyone out of the league who has not played enough games during that month, except for those who have stated they want to … Read more

July league delta layer promotions

Because july league has 4 delta classes instead of 8 there will be a difference in promotions. normally only the top 2 of each class promote to a higher layer. but this month the top 4 players of each delta class will promote to gamma! Also on a small note: i made a mistake in … Read more

July league delta layer

Just a heads up for all gamma layer players, next month we will get an even bigger pyramid with the addition of the delta layer. This means gamma layer will consist of 14 players next month and thus all players who stay in the league but are ranked 15 or lower will be moved to … Read more