November winners

November was an impressive month with over 1200 games played! Here are the prizes to reward your efforts: Superclass winner : onelove wins $100 Alpha winner:  MrZNF wins a month free access to the Korean Insei-league Alpha 2nd place:  Vortex wins a month of free access to lectures of the Korean Insei-league Alpha 3rd place:  … Read more

October prizegiving (complete)

There were a few problems with donations and we were unable to get all October winners a prize at the beginning of this month. But it’s finally sorted! Sorry for the delay, we’ll do our best to avoid this in the future. October winners Alpha winner: fairgo1 wins a month free access to the Korean … Read more

sponsoring FTW!

Here i was, taking my day off, i deserved some rest after all that work on the site the last week. Until i got this pm where this sponsor wanted to invest some money into the league to make it a better place, for everybody! So here it is, the winner of the superclass now … Read more

The big move

welcome to our new domain,!!!! First of all i’d like to say thanks for all your patience during the time the results were not displaying. Our host where the script runs on has been shut down, that was the reason it was unavailable. Luckily i was able to secure a new host where i … Read more

The reason

The reason I’ve been running the league in the new structure since June 2010 and to be honest I didn’t expect it to be such a huge success. In 5 months the classes settled and the result is we now have extremely active Alpha and Beta layers! As always systems are not perfect so we … Read more

the start of the superclass!

Tomorrow we will start with a new class, the SUPERclass! only 6d+ can enter this class and i found 6 willing to participate! -nonochan 7d-tabemasu 6d-flashback 7d-miao 6d-cornel 7d-onelove 7d The main setup and rules are described here.   I wish all players good luck and have a good time playing here!  

October prizes

Let me be the first to congratulate all of you on another great month with 176 players and 780 games the 2nd busiest month in the league ever! Also the first time in the history of the league we have had a class where all players played the minimum number of games! Be proud alpha, … Read more

Dear all, The demotion system of the ASR League has been slightly tweaked. It has been mentioned that because “kicks” happen first (people removed from the ladder because of not playing the 4 necessary games in a day) and then demotion takes the next x number of places, inactive divisions can suffer from having people … Read more

more about prizes!

heres a small list of the upcoming prizes this month. alpha:1st place: 1 month of korean Insei League2nd place: 1 month of free access to lectures of the Korean Insei League3rd place:  1 month of free access to lectures of the Korean Insei Leaguebeta:1st place: 1 month of atsumi go schoolgamma/delta: Teaching games Activity prize: … Read more

Problem with League Results

Just a quick note which everyone probably already knows, there is a problem with the script not updating the league results, it is being looked at and should be fixed soon. Updates will be posted as soon as they are available. You can keep playing your games now, they will be updated when the computer … Read more

september massacre

I was so happy to report 220 ppl had joined the league, making it the biggest ever, however about half of the people “forgot” to play this month:( The end result was quite clear, alpha and beta were awesome, gamma was cool but kinda empty, but delta…ooohhhh delta, what has thou done to me:( I’m … Read more

I listen to my people

I have read the Life in 19×19 forum and considered all your suggestions on making the league a greater place then it already is. So here is an announcement for a small change: We’re going to try out the 3/6 promotion demotion for delta/gamma. This means that top 3 will promote from Delta classes and … Read more

Another fabulous month !

Hi Go fellows, I’m pretty much aware you didn’t get much news from me recently. And the reason why is that I’m moving on September 25th. So I’ve been busy, but don’t worry, I’ll be back very sppn. Alright now… what you are all waiting for… Did you guys notice how many games were played … Read more