new admins!

hey guys, we have a few new admins in the ASR! Andrew and Agzam will from now on be ASR admins! We welcome you and we hope you make the ASR a better place! good luck!  

January league is full!

As of today, january league is full, this means if you want to sign up for the league you can only sign up for february! We have maxed out with a whopping 465 players, another 50% increase in comparison to when the month started! Only a few days remain for signing up in for the … Read more

Superclass tsumego 1

We are starting a series of tsumego on the site, one series for everyone, which kayres will be posting. The other one is superclass tsumego, varying from 4d to 7d problems which will not contain answers. this is the first one and it is hard! thanks to adoreme who has all these insane tsumego for us to break our heads over:) Tsumego after the click!

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ASR short lecture – “Middle Game Joseki” with Shawn Ray (4D)

Teacher: Shawn Ray (4 Dan) Topic: Middle Game Joseki Date: January 3rd, 2011 The 2nd part of ASR short lecture series with Shawn Ray (aka Clossius) where he explains in details one classic middle game joseki that often appears. A must-know pattern to all who expect to become stronger in Go. From 30k to 5k. … Read more


some terrible news i have. The sponsor for the superclass prize (100 dollars) has been in a caraccident and is not able to sponsor us for the coming months. We wish him a speedy recovery and hopefully when he is back on his feet he will sponsor us again. We are thusly looking for alternative … Read more

December winners

Here is the list of prizes for the december class winners, happy new year to everybody! Superclass winner : onelove wins $100 Alpha winner: woodyy wins a month free access to the Korean Insei-league Alpha 2nd place: karnesun wins a month of free access to lectures of the Korean Insei-league Alpha 3rd place: fab wins … Read more

ASR short lecture – “Unimportant stones” with Shawn Ray (4D)

Teacher: Shawn Ray (4 Dan) Topic: Unimportant stones Date: December 21st, 2010 The 1st part of ASR short lecture series with Shawn Ray (aka Clossius) where he teaches the importance of stones. You will learn when you can ignore and take sente and how to get better shapes. From 20k to 5k. Have fun studying … Read more

Holiday greetings

The last few days of the year are ticking away so it’s good to look back on what happened this year. January started off with 126 players which played 418 games. vortex won that month with a whopping 14/0. from February to may the league had different class sizes and names with a game limit … Read more

December is full

Today, 20 december 2010, the december league has reached the point where it is too late to create an extra class and we have filled up the last places in epsilon. This means december is now full!New players can sign up for january now, so don’t worry you will get your chance new players!:D A … Read more

2011 ASR Tournament coming up!

Hey everybody! Coming February the 1st even ASR tournament is going to start! It’s going to be a double elimination tournament and signing up is totally free! You don’t have to be part of the ASR league or something to sign up so get all you friends to participate so we can have a huge … Read more

Promotion/demotion change

After much consideration we have decided to implement the following change into december league. All classes promote 3 and demote 6 players from now on (this was 2/4 before). There are a few exceptions right now: -Gamma/Delta. Delta has only 6 classes instead of the 8 needed for the pyramid system. This means delta promotes … Read more