February 2011 winners

Superclass winner : oohaah Alpha winner: Fairgo1 wins a month participation in the superclass Beta I winner: hmanners wins a teaching game with oohaah Beta II winner: bert wins a teaching game with onelove Gamma I winner: bensenseii wins a teaching game with aguilar1 Gamma II winner: benjii wins a teaching game with flashback Gamma … Read more

fuseki of the month! march 2011

Here is the first ever fuseki of the month! Tabemasu made this months fuseki of the month, thank you very much for doing it! We like to encourage players in the league to stray from their standard path and try out something new! Also we would like to spark a discussion about this opening, tell … Read more

problems with the script

somehow the script stopped working since 20-2 07:00 GMT. we’re trying to fix it. you can still play league games but registration will be delayed:) EDIT: script is working for now again, hopefully it will hold EDIT 2: fixed another bug, which you guys don’t notice:) from now on the script runs once per hour … Read more

Club of 500

Welcome to the club of 500! I’m so proud to say this league is beyond anything I ever imagined it would become. In the past 12 months we have grown to 400% of its size then. The question is, how did this ever happen? Was it the structure that appealed so many? Was it the … Read more

7d Rengo Match-up, Feb 25th!

The Advanced Study Room is proud to announce our first monthly All-7d rengo match-up! Tune in on February 25th at 18:00 GMT (13:00 EST) in the ASR to watch the following rengo teams duke it out: Flashback/cheater vs Cornel/oohaah Don’t miss this high-dan spectacle! The game will also be followed with a review by the … Read more

special event: ASR Super-Rengo on 25th Febr,

seen at: http://gosensations.com/?id=2&server_id=1&new_id=1021   ASR Super-Rengo please! Great news from the Advanced Study Room! An exciting event is going to happen soon. On February 25th, the ASR is hosting a special high-dan rengo match, played out between four high-dans!   This is the match-up:   flashback (7d) and cheater (7d)     VS    Cornel … Read more

January winners

January was an exciting month, we broke a few records and we grew by another 50%! Final stats for the league: over 2000 games played! 465 players! Dropoutrate of about 22,5%, which is about normal. Congratulations on last months winners, seems you don’t have to be high ranked to win, vscribe managed to win in … Read more

changes in the league

Starting from febraury we will have several changes in the league class sizes and system, here is an overview of the changes: Class size: Alpha, Beta, and Gamma: 18 Delta:18 standard places + 2 dan seedings Epsilon: 24 Number of possible games: You can now play each member of your class 2 times. League scoring … Read more

new admins!

hey guys, we have a few new admins in the ASR! Andrew and Agzam will from now on be ASR admins! We welcome you and we hope you make the ASR a better place! good luck!  

January league is full!

As of today, january league is full, this means if you want to sign up for the league you can only sign up for february! We have maxed out with a whopping 465 players, another 50% increase in comparison to when the month started! Only a few days remain for signing up in for the … Read more

Superclass tsumego 1

We are starting a series of tsumego on the site, one series for everyone, which kayres will be posting. The other one is superclass tsumego, varying from 4d to 7d problems which will not contain answers. this is the first one and it is hard! thanks to adoreme who has all these insane tsumego for us to break our heads over:) Tsumego after the click!

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