Kaya ASR league and site maintanance

today the site will get some maintanance, some things will change, some things will move and new things will appear. This september the ASR launches its second league, the ASR kaya league which incidently will be run completely on kaya.gs as a seperate league! Kaya.gs launched beta server about month or so ago and is … Read more

Opening & Middle game theory by crowis

Inseong Hwang (crowis) will do another donated lecture on the 27th of august 19:00 GMT about Opening & Middle game theory! DO NOT MISS THIS LECTURE!! UPDATE: Inseong did another brilliant lecture, he put them all on his site here http://www.yunguseng.com/lectures.html To all of you who missed these lectures, they are very inspirational and you … Read more

1st International Go Symposium in USA (AGA) on 4th / 5th August 2012 …


… 1:1 re-print with friendly permission by & couresy to Peter Shotwell & AGA The American Go Association (AGA) held its first International Go Symposium on August 4-5, 2012, with Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari, the first computer game maker, as the keynote speaker. The Symposium was sponsored by the International Go Federation and attracted leading scholars … Read more

July prizegiving and rant

July has finally ended in one of the most active months of the year! 1556 games we played together, thats 50 games per day on average! This month we say farewell to the superclass, maybe it will come back again at some point but it takes too much effort to get them to play so … Read more

July sign up closed

From now on july league sign up is CLOSED, sign up now and youll be placed in August league. This month has been very active! keep it up!! Good luck the last few days

inseong chip-in kick off!

Well, you guys voted and said YEEEEESSSS!!! (mostly) as you can see here   [poll id=”9″] So we kick off our very first chip-in donation goal to raise 100 dollars (80 euros..ish) to get another Inseong Hwang lecture in the ASR! So donate!

June 2012 Prizes

Alpha:azon, geser:  1 month of access to the Insei leaguegoogleman: 3 months of KGS+, donated by holynec beta:chemboy613, alchemy: tgame by Sandmann gamma:baboon:Tgame by plusguyzeekmund, lgildas, litchee: 1 audio lesson delta:yusakukudo: 1 audio lesson most active&kyu-malie (tied with baboon alchemy)Kyu player with the best result-rossKyu player with the worst result -mendieta The winners of these … Read more

alpha+beta challenge

In the league alpha and beta are the highest and most active in the entire league, after all they have been promoted a multitude of times. Lately we see that there is a bit less active players in those classes so we want to give a little more incentive to get players more active. The … Read more

ASR lecture – “Middle game theory” with In-seong Hwang (8D)

Teacher: In-seong Hwang (8 Dan) Topic: Middle game theory Event: ASR League lecture with In-seong Hwang (8D) Date: August 27th, 2012 This is the 2nd ASR lecture with In-seong Hwang, 8 Dan EGF, which took place in the Advanced Study Room on KGS. Following his last lecture about opening and attacking, he will talk here … Read more

ASR lecture – “Opening and attacking” with In-seong Hwang (8D)

Teacher: In-seong Hwang (8 Dan) Topic: Opening and attacking Event: ASR League lecture with In-seong Hwang (8D) Date: June 15th, 2012 This is the 1st ASR lecture with In-seong Hwang 8 Dan EGF which took place in the Advanced Study Room on KGS. In the first part of the video, he gives four opening ideas; … Read more

Big news!

First the minor but not necessarily less important one: our likeable fellow and admin MrZNF has decided to quit as an admin. We want to thank him for his efforts and wish him the best of luck in his go career! Now to the major change: somehow it felt like there were not enough admins … Read more

june league sign up closed

Today the june league sign up has been closed, you can only sign up for july league now. Don’t forget you need to play at least 4 games to stay in the league, there are stil 125 players right now who have not escaped the kickzone. For the rest, we already broke 1000 games this … Read more

Inseong Hwang 7D EGF (crowis) free lecture! UPDATE

Inseong Hwang, one of the strongest players living in europe, will give a free public lecture in the ASR! The lecture will start at approximately 19:00 GMT on saturday the 16th of june. Do NOT miss this lecture as he is an amazing teacher! Don’t forget to check out his dojang! UPDATE! Inseong Hwang gave … Read more

Prizes May 2012

Superclass 1st place – Kanin Alpha 1st place: compgo74 wins access to the KGS Insei League and access to the superclass, each for 1 month. 2nd place: drgoplayer wins access to the KGS Insei League for 1 month. 3rd place: danielxr wins a tgame with pinguschaf Beta: 1st place: googleman and deadmaker win a teaching … Read more

Prizes April 2012

Lets start off by giving away those prizes from Arpil! Superclass 1st place – Sandmann! Alpha 1st place: leffy wins Tgame with pingushaf + 1 month of access to the superclass . 2nd place: faceless1 wins 3 audiogolessons. 3rd place: akagi wins 1 audiogolesson drgoplayer, kabradarf and copmgo74 with 4th, 5th and 6th place receives … Read more