February sign up closed, march open!

As of now the February league sign up has been closed and the final stretch of this month has begun! good luck all you 339 players! Remember to play at least 4 games to stay in the league or you will be dropped and you will need to start from rock bottom again! So far … Read more

Gamma – a safer place

hey everyone! We decided that due to the size of gamma the safe zone should be extended. Now the top 12 players of Gamma will be safe from demotion. So make sure you reach those places and nothing can happen to you! Good luck

Donate! get a teaching game free!

Hey everyone, This month we are trying to fundraise a bit by offering something tangible for people who donate. Our prizes are supported entirely by the generosity of the league participants, so help us continue to grow and improve by supporting the ASR! so, this month, if you donate 10 dollars or more, kotomi/sxjlove 6d … Read more

Prizes January 2012

Lets start off by giving away those prizes from January! Alpha1st place: shinichi56 wins a teaching game with Catalin Taranu 5p (sponsored by holynec).2nd place: geser wins a 3 month subscription to kgs+ sponsored by Remina.3rd place: niark wins teaching game with billlin 8d4th place: Agzam wins 1 audio go lecture, donated by jozles. He … Read more

SuperClass Returns!

Hey everyone! I hope your excited as I am for February’s SuperClass we got a couple willing players to play in SuperClass!  SuperClass will let us to be able to see some nice slow games!^ ^ ASR members from alpha to delta rev up those engines the winner of Alpha for next months prize gets to play in … Read more

january sign up closed

We have closed the signup for january league. With 337 ppl we will go into the final stretch of the league. We’ve been doing excellent so far over 1200 games played and about 200 ppl already in next months league i look forward to the rest of the year! Good luck all!

Prizes december 2011

welcome in 2012 everyone! Happy new year! Lets start off by giving away those prizes from december! Alpha1st place: shinichi56 wins a teaching game with yilun yang 7p (pala), donated by garen.2nd place: eddy wins a 3 month subscription to kgs+ sponsored by Remina.3rd place: compgo74, jozles and plusguy have a wonderful tie and ALL … Read more

New Site Update

So! Work continues on the new site. We’ve finished the Results page. Please keep in mind, as before, that this is all pre-skin. It’ll get a graphic design overhaul soon enough. This screenshot shows the Results page Alpha division. Each name can be clicked to go to a personalized user page. The checks and exes … Read more

sign up and january reset info

hey everyone! December league has been closed for new players so if you sign up for the league you will automatically be placed into january league. the reset for january will be a little later then usual mainly because we are celebreating new years of course! the league will end normally at 31-12 23:59 GMT … Read more

New Site Teaser

So, I’ve been working hard on the new site. It’s being coded in Ruby on Rails, and it’s going to add a lot of awesome new functionality to the ASR. Here’s a teaser screenshot of a users view. The site is pre-skin, and still very much in Alpha, so expect it to look a LOT … Read more

yilun yang vs shinichi56

the teaching game for shinichi56 and yilun yang (nickname pala) has been set. They will play saturday december 17th 17:00 GMT! on another note, this is going to be the last month of sponsoring from Garen for the Yilun Yang prize for a while so after december. Thank you Garen for sponsoring such an awesome … Read more

November 2011 Prizes

Alpha: 1st place: Tgame with Yilun Yang 7p, donated by Garen.  shinichi56 2nd place: 3 month subscription to KGS+, donated by Remina.  faceless1 3rd place: 3 audio go lectures,  donated by snip.  compgo74 4th to 6th place: If you have more then 25+ points you get 1 audio go lecture, ,  donated by snip. geser … Read more