You did it!!!!! Cornel Lecture May 11th!

The gamma division rocked and made it past the required 60% of activity! This means there will be an awesome lecture by Cornel Burzo 7d  on moyo invasion and reduction! Everyone in ASR is welcome to attend. The lecture starts at 5/11/13 19:00 GMT. There will be homework to prepare for this lecture, stay tuned … Read more

Audio lecture by Study Group – Kyu

23:00 GMT on the 27th of april the Study Group – Kyu will do an audio lecture on shusaku in the ASR! Study Group – Kyu are dedicated to the advancement of Kyu level players. We have weekly lectures by 2d+ players, several tesuji/tsumego lessons a week, and a monthly tournament. We are glad to … Read more

see you soon!

It’s been so long since i posted! ASR has held out pretty well without me and i’d like to thank all of you for keeping it alive! The past few weeks a few admins have resigned from our team and i’d like to give my greatest thanks for all of them because they have done … Read more

March Prizes

Happy spring to all and thanks for playing in the Awesome ASR League ^^ Big HUGE thanks to all who are donating prizes! Alpha Prizes: First and second place: redreoicy and compgo74 – one month of access to the Insei League thanks to Alexander Dinerchstein. Third and Fourth Place: hernan1987 and drgoplayer  – They both win … Read more

February Prizes!

February is such a short month! It barely started and suddenly it’s over already! Thanks all for playing in the League and making it the best place on KGS to hang out! We have good people, awesome food and great music. Oh and we play go. How much better can it get?! HUGE Big Thanks … Read more

January 2013 Prizes!

Good day, my friends. First a huge thank you to all the contributors for our awesome prizes. And of course another thank you to all the players. We wouldn’t have much of a league if people weren’t playing in it. There is a huge benefit to playing slow thoughtful games and reviewing afterwards, so all … Read more

December 2012 Prizes!

Happy New Year to all our ASR League members and  contributors! We couldn’t do it without you! Heck, I have the suspicion that the only reason the world didn’t end last year was that we were just too awesome.  I think we should reward this awesomeness with some good prizes ^^ A big huge thank … Read more

ASR lecture – “Nadare joseki” by Cornel Burzo (6 Dan)

ASR teacher: Cornel G. Burzo, 6 dan (EGF)   topic: Nadare or small avalanche joseki format: text based (chat) length (playtime): n.n. event: Alpha & Beta league date: 30th December 2012 place: KGS Go server 3 times national GO Champion in row (2014-2016) Here you will find a complete lecture about nadare joseki (or small … Read more

You Did It! Cornel Lecture on Saturday!

You did it! Combined activity of alpha and beta reached 90.2 % (players with four or more games), so we finally qualified for the challenge prize. Congratulations, all!  On December 22nd, 20:00 GMT,  Cornel Burzo will give a lecture in the ASR Room. Cornel is 7d on KGS and a wonderful, experienced and effective go … Read more

Prizes for November!

We had another great month, and many prizes to give out. First thanks to all the players for making this league awesome and to all the people who donate prizes. Our league would not be possible without you. Alpha Prizes: First and second place: kabradarf and compgo74 – one month of access to the Insei … Read more

October Prizes

Halloween is over, but we still have prizes as treats for y’all.   First a HUGE BIG thank you for all who have contributed money for audiogolessons, to Alexander Dinerchstein for his generous contribution, for KGS for donating KGS+, and to all the players who are willing to give their time and effort to play … Read more

September Prizes!!

Another month, another round of super duper wonderful prizes! First thanks to y’all for playing in the League, and a big thanks to all the people who donated prizes.  We couldn’t do it without you! The ASR is a community and we are blessed with so many great people! Alpha Prizes: First place: Kabradarf – … Read more

August Prizes!!!

The moment y’all have been waiting for! We would have done this earlier, but the dog ate our homework, too many shiny things, got abducted by aliens, were watching political ads,  we had other important commitments. Today it finally happened! Rejoice in the power of ASR!!!! First a big thanks to all players and admins … Read more

Getting back in the swing

Since stalkor has gone on leave, the ASR has gone from a place where one person did 100% of the work to one where 10 people do 50% of it… at least that’s how it may seem. To combat the problem, we have decided – perhaps paradoxically – to add even more people to our … Read more

Stalkor goes on a large break

Since 2010 I’ve been cradling the ASR as my baby, my project. I’ve worked hundreds of hours making the ASR and the league in one of the largest on-line leagues in the go world and also hosted numerous incredible lectures and teaching games. Now the time has come to step back and see what the … Read more