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Game not being recognised

Hi  i (soutkin)  played a game with FightorDie in Beta but we forgot asr# tag. on 10/02/2017 at 23.26.

White (  soutkin )won the game

Can you plse help us out. Thanks

Uploaded files:

Hello, Soutkin !

... game is indexed and uploaded so you can find it in nex 12-16 hours in the games archive here:

For the future pls take care for the game setting as described in following post ...

... or for our ASR members (after login) accessable on the specific guidelines page:


Enjoy your stay in the ASR league ! :-)

The ASR Team

Dear Admins,

thank you very much!

King regards,


Uploaded files:


we forgot to #asr



Uploaded files:

@ Bleen: We have indexed + uploaded the game of 9th February newly.. you see it already in your personal game archive here:


Within next 12-16 hours the result should also appear then in the results table here:

ASR league

hi we forgot the #asr


Uploaded files:

@ Lilou: We have indexed + uploaded the game newly. You should see the record within next 12-16 hours in the results table.

Hi, this game was not recognized, even if we remembered to write #asr. gerryg-darkronin, 17 febr, I uploaded here. Maybe the problem is that Canadian bio yomi was used? Thanks for your help!

Uploaded files:

@ darkronin: you have recognized well, why the game was not accepted inspite it was tagged correctly. Canadian setting is not acceped. - On your personal profile page (you get access after login) you find following batch which explains it clearly:

game setting

The rule set is "Japanese" !

Also on the "guildelines page" ( ) you get the link "How to play a game" where it is described same:

Pls follow the given rules... and enjoy your stay in the monthly ASR league !

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