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New rule proposal?

I think we should introduce a new rule in the league system, to help make the leagues better balanced: A minimum 2 wins quota to stay in the same league.
In other words, if at the end of the month there are not at least 2 wins for a player, they are demoted and drop to the following class (e.g. from gamma to delta).
Otherwise the system can be overrun by players who keep only a record of straight losses.  Example: a player who just plays a lot and loses all games: starts in placement, wins the placement by only playing a lot and losing all games.  The next month, because of the "bootstrap rule" that promotes the first player of placement directly to beta, they go to beta.
They continue to play a lot, so they never drop even if they always lose.
Is this fair for them, and the other players?

Tks darkronin for your critical feedback &  thoughts ... lets discuss it within our global community of ASR members (>450 registrations) next days/weeks. :-) 

Critics are always welcome .