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My way of study

Hi guys,

I'm Lilou on kgs

the idea i want to do is: each friday at around 18h GMT, I open 2 demos, first is a review done, and second 4 tsumegos.

The aim is:

For me, force me to study every week by posting each friday a review i've done. Help me to improve my go and my teaching with your feedbacks.

For asr, free entertainement and no work to do.

Gonna wait if its ok for asr to try this, and will see :)

good luck for you go

i join a fast review i've done to show you the idea.


Download SGF


Uploaded files:

Hello, Lilou !

... tks for the offer to share your personal way of Go studies with the ASR members.

The ASR team will take a look at and after internal dicussion we will come back to you asap.

Meanwhile pls apply also as volunteer here in the ASR forum. "Game reviewing" belongs to "2. development".


The ASR Team