ASR’s new website… the last 194 days (status: 10/06/2016)

We count in total ~194 days since the ASR website had been launched. First who registered on Friday 25th March 2016 was DrGoPlayer, one of the eldest ASR league members. (Rec.: The ASR  – Advanced Study Room goes back historically to 2002.)

On 29th June the new ASR Team took over the project – under team manager Guillaume Douron, 4 Dan CGF (aka litchee). That day the ASR league counted 170 members in the database. It might let wonder some ASR fellows, as the results lists of March + April together documents a total number of 192 players. Indeed, the process of a website migration can become costly if not taking care of the users. – Till today ASR didn’t get back to 22 players who have been lost that time (in May) = 11.46 % as consequence of an uncontrolled website transfer. (Rec.: Actually the ASR Team is already in direct contact with these players to bring them back.)

The new ASR team runs this web project in own hands and full responsibility over 50% of the time the since the website is online under the domain (since first player registration on 25th March 2016).

What happened during these last 97-98 days ?

Since that, many GO smurfs and dwarfs with hundreds of (unpaid) working hours silently did many different jobs to give the ASR – Advanced Study Room and its ASR league the chance for a positive future in 2017.

Following table gives you an idea of what was going on behind the ASR curtain during last 97 days: 


But 1st and most relevant beside all technical, legal and financial aspect, the ASR Team wants to give attention to the league members. Their activities, either gaming or Go studies (e.g. reviews, tsumegos, josekis…) can make such a unique project successful. On 5th October 2016 we counted 327 ASR league members in total since the migration of the old website (with the league system on ) to the new central domain .

In  total the number of all new registrations on that day is a plus of +168 since 30th June… compared to the 170 (during 25/03/-29/06/2016) we found in the address database documenting the registration on the ASR website. Actually the progress of monthly registrations was nearby doubling (= plus 98.82 %). In other words the activities from league month to league month kept consistent.


Fairly to say the new ASR team keeps it more strictly with the registration process. As consequences, eleven (11) registrations have been blocked since 30th June, e.g. because of spam, fraud or hurting the ASR policies (as published).

For today we find in total 319 Go players  and 103 playing in the ASR league in October… plus eight (8) who are in the status as candidate on standby for “next league month“… as they require to fulfill the minimum standards (number of games, stable rank). Take notice of the new guidelines. – We hope to see all candidates playing in  next league month November.

The ASR Team thanks all 327 Go players for their trust and confidence !

Warm greetings
The ASR Team
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