September prizes

Here comes the september prizes !Huge thanks to kgs plus for kind sponsorship and to all the teachers: Ruestyle, Backpack1, CGBspender and Shinichi56.

August prizes

We are working on our prizes backlog and here is the august one. Special Thanks to KGS plus for sponsorship and to the teacher who gently offer teaching games: CGBSpender, shinichi56, Plusguy and compgo74.

New Sponsors and Admins

We have some good news and some bad news. The good news first. We have two fantastic new sponsors: David Ormerod from GoGameGuru has agreed to donate subscriptions to BadukTV and the makers of BadukMovies, Kim Ouweleen and Peter Brouwer have also decided to donate subscriptions to their pro episodes. These prizes will be available … Read more

July Prizes

Prizes? You thought we forgot about them? We did! Thanks for reminding us! To get started clearing out the backlog, here are the prizes for the July winners. Special thanks for offering teaching games to: plusguy, backpack1 and CGBSpender.

June Prizes

Thanks to all the people who are contributing to our prizes! Yes, I know, it has been way too long, but here finally are the June prizes! I can blame my computer crash which also leads to the next issue. The computer crash and life made it hard to keep track of all the people … Read more

May Prizes

It took a bit longer than we expected, but here they are, the prizes for May. Congrats to the winners! Alpha 1st place: skeletor Prize: 1 month access to the Insei League’s KGS room Alpha 2nd place: redreoicy Prize: 1 month access to the Insei League’s KGS room Alpha 3rd place: zischty Prize: Teaching game … Read more

Ruestyle's super simul!

Ruestyle 7d AGA will do a simul in the ASR on saturday june 15th at 17:00 GMT.These are the rules: – 45 minutes main time and 5×1 min byo yomi for the players with japanese rules. Ruestyle gets 10 minutes extra for every player that signs up. Every player has to manually add time to … Read more


Welcome to the new ASR! The new site is HERE!! andrew has worked so hard in making this site and it is finally here. So here is the deal, in the past sign up was done by contacting an admin and she put you in the league and if you played >4 games you were … Read more

Freegame pro lecture

Freegame made a video of his live review between 2 pro’s duking it out on KGS. It is a very long but very interesting video so certainly watch it if you can spare the time. Freegame is a dutch 2 dan, and is about 3 dan on KGS. He won breakfasts review contest some time … Read more