Li Ang 3p lecture

The Go world have been quite shaken this year… You know what I am talking about… Alphago beating Lee Sedol… Well… we heard some rumors that Dosaku, Huang Long shi, Go Seigen and Sakata Eio senseis might be back in Alphago’s mind. Li Ang 3p thinks the closest is Go Seigen’s go theory, as he … Read more

New website !

Hey guys, Once again, ASR starts a new website : We thought it was a bit confusing to have 2 different websites: one for the league and one blog for the news. So we worked very hard to integrate the league tool to a new wordpress blog. This means you only have to go … Read more

Study Go section is back

Good news everyone ! Our Study go section is back on track. There you can find all the go teaching material gathered during ASR history: videos, lectures, games commentary. We also have an exclusive online edition of Go Seigen 9p games commented by himself (including history). Have a look guys, and enjoy ! ps: If … Read more


The ASR is contemplating opening up a new paying league to help us with prizes. It would be set up with this $5 an entry fee. Top three prizes first teaching game with a pro, second teaching game with high dan third teaching game with a 3 dan. Max 15 entrants per class classes will … Read more

September Prizes

Here is a list of the September prize winners! Since none of these prizes would be possible without the support of our sponsors, we would first like to thank them for their generous contributions. Thanks to: Go Game World, for helping us with subscriptions; GoGameGuru for subscriptions to Baduk TV; Badukmovies for subscriptions to their pro episodes; KGS for donating KGS Plus subscriptions; and last but not least, thanks to the teachers offering teaching games: Mitani92, Shinichi56, compgo74, truestyle and climu.

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