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In the video archive now: 2 hrs ASR teaching game (audio/video) with Guo Juan (Pro 5 Dan)


Each month the winner of Alpha league division is rewarded with a teaching game by Guo Juan 5p – one of ASR’s highly profiled GO teachers ! So happened on 12th Dezember 2016 with Syxok (3 Dan), the winner of October league ( see announcement ). Guo J. commented live via audio channel during the … Read more



New here ? – Read abt the ASR league. – And registrate cost free 2 become league member.

The rotation process for the new league month March 2017 was successfully… it swapped all active ASR league members of February into the new league divisions (alpha, beta, gamma, delta and placement).

New league month starts on 2nd March 2017 – 12:00 am UTC. It runs till 31st March – 24:00 UTC.

-24D -1H -38M -40S

New players can register through whole month here to play 24h x 7d

ASR projects : give us a hand

Hey guys, ASR is a great go community, and we have lots of ideas to make it even better ! However, we lack manpower. We are already very busy doing day-to-day league admins stuff ( adding people, planing events, improving the software…) that we can’t do all the things we are thinking about. So we … Read more