finals of 34th World Youth Goe Championship (Chiang Mai, Thailand)


34th World Youth Goe Championship Chiang Mai, Thailand The Senior Division is for youth aged 12—15, and the  Junior for kids under 12 by July 23rd, 2017. Players cannot be on the team, in the same age division, more than twice within 3 years. In 2017 the World Youth Goe Championship took place on July 18-23 in Chiangmai, Thailand. The tournament … Read more

Kido Cup 2017 … Europe’s biggest open tournament in Hamburg on Pentecost (3rd-5th June)


Kido Cup is modeled as a Korean multiple style Tournament – with a top group, and main tournament with special prices for women and youth players and children’s tournament – generously sponsored by the Korean company Kido Industrial Co., Ltd., and supported by the Hankuk Kiwon (Professional Players Association) and the KABA (Amateur Players Association). … Read more

25/05/2017: Guillaume D. (ASR Team) on Chinese TV (Wuzhen) for Ke Jie vs. Alphago (match 2)


ASR’s team leader (and owner) Guillaume Douron, who lives since more than 3 years in China/Hangzhou,and his Chinese wife Tao Zhi (who is a jewelry designer) were invited by Zhejiang Television of Zhejiang Radio and Television Group. ZJTV is China’s 4th biggest TV channel (locally ~56 million audience), see official website. Guillaume D. herewith got the … Read more

CHINA Spotting #002: Team tournament in Hangzhou Go Club (16th-19th May 2017)


Guillaume’s China Spotting #002 Hangzhou Go club : Team tournament in May. Hangzhou/China (22/05/2017). – After my first China Spotting in October 2016 today some insights into “Chinese Go club world” where I am a regular member. In Hangzhou (where I live for more than 3 years now with my Chinese wife) the club management organizes tournaments and side activities (sightseeing, table tennis, … Read more

15th-20th Oct: 12th China (Nanning)-ASEAN Board and Card Games International Tournament


Thanks to our Go friend Lapon Jirasophin from Thailand (Bangkok) for sharing some snaps of the 12th China (Nanning)-ASEAN Board and Card games International Tournament which took place from 15th till 20th October 2016. With his team mates he succeeded it to reach the finals (individual men) and semi-finals. This annual event is an invitational … Read more

31st Brussels Tournament 29-30th October, 2016


seen @ ASR Event Calendar Tournament format Five rounds MacMahon without handicap Timing: 1 hour per player + byo-yomi: 15 stones for 5 minutes Komi: 6.5 Non-smoking tournament Registration and entry Fee 15€ for registration and payment before the 23/10/2016 20€ after the 23/10/2016 +5€ for Belgian players, non-member of the BGF (Why and How … Read more

CHINA Spotting: GO amateurs compete in Xiamen (South East China)


Guillaume’s China Spotting #001 Go amateurs compete in Xiamen (South East China) 09/29/2016-Hangzhou (China) – The 2016 Gold Cup World Amateur Go Tournament (GCWT) took place in Xiamen during a huge typhoon. The same time was a typhoon in Shanghai (probably due to the same severe weather in Xiamen). Also we experienced huge rains in … Read more

Taiwan: Joanne Missingham wins the 2nd “Strongest Women Go Battle”


translated for ASR – Advanced Study Room: Tao Zhi, China (Hangzhou) 2nd “Strongest Women Go Battle” won by Hei Jiajia (Joanne Missingham) for the second time in row 08/26/2016 – The 2nd “Strongest Women Go Battle” carried out today the championship final between Hei Jiajia (Joanne Missingham) and Yang Zixuan. Defending champion Joanne Missingham played … Read more

2016 Gold Cup World Amateur Go Tournament – 7 Europeans for the finals in Xiamen (China)


… with courtesy to EGF – Europea Go Federation Lucky Seven in China: 2016 Gold Cup World Amateur Go Tournament. Marika Dubiel 21.09.2016 14:04 The finals of the 2016 Gold Cup World Amateur Go Tournament were played between the 14th and 19th September, amongst 32 of the top amateur players in the world. Twenty of … Read more

Results of the European Student Go Championship 2016


The ASR Team and ASR league congrats to 7 Dan Peter Marko (Hungary) for the Hattrick. He won third time the European Student Go Championship on weekend in the EGCC / Amsterdam (as reported) – after 2015 and 2013. results in 2015… results in 2014… results in 2013… The league members of ASR  – Advanced … Read more

Amsterdam (NL): European Student Go Championship 2016 (24-25, Sept)

European Student Championship 2015

… seen at ASR Calendar Saturday: September 24th, 2016 Sunday: September 25th, 2016   European Championship 2016 Date: 2016-09-24 – 2016-09-25 Time: 09:15 Location: European Go Cultural Centre (Amstelveen, Amsterdam) Information The tournament schedule will be announced later. However, the registration will be open on Saturday from 09:15 till 09:45. On Sunday the closing ceremony … Read more