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ASR lecture – “San Ren Sei opening” with Péter Markó (7D)

Here is the 1st ASR lecture with 7Dan Péter Markó (aka Thundergod), which took place shortly in the ASR – Advanced Study Room on KGS. In this lecture Marko introduced the San-Ren-Sei opening (Starting with 3 hoshi points) through a tournament game he recently played against a strong European 7d and he kindly answered every … Read more

ASR event – Guo Juan’s 1st teaching game of March 2016 [live commentary by Guillaume D. / 3 Dan]


Guo Juan 5p gives monthly teaching games to the winner of ASR Alpha class. This is the first game of the season 2016 (live streamed on 18th March), having taken place in the ASR – Advanced Study Room on KGS. About the game itself: the key was directions of play and attacking. Even though there … Read more

ASR lecture – “Let’s make Go easier” with In-seong Hwang (8D)

  Teacher: In-Seong Hwang (8 Dan) Topic: Let’s make Go easier ! Event: ASR League lecture with In-seong Hwang (8D) Date: September 28th, 2014 This is the 3rd ASR lecture with In-seong Hwang 8 Dan EGF which took place in the Advanced Study Room on KGS. Go is a complex game and sometimes we think … Read more

ASR lecture – “How to play as white” with Andrew (2D)

Teacher: Andrew (2 Dan) Topic: How to play as white Date: June 26th, 2014 Here is a special ASR lecture in which Andrew (aka Greenbean) presents theories about how to play as white through a moyo style pro game between Tuo Jiaxi and Mao Ruilong. He goes further on and explain them thinking process throughout … Read more

ASR reviews – game commentary by Younggil An (8 Dan) : Choose the games !

Read first: Partnership between ASR and Go Game Guru – Choose An Younggil lecture theme ! It is decided ! Younggil games commentary will take place . So now you have to choose up to 3 games you would like to be reviewed . [yop_poll id=”3″] Game 1: Mitvailer vs UFO in beta 1 Game … Read more

ASR lecture – “Urgent moves in the fuseki” with Juri Kuronen (6D)

Teacher: Juri Kuronen (6 dan) Topic: Urgent moves in the fuseki Date: April 23rd, 2014 SGF: download Preface Go is fundamentally a surrounding game, to eat or to be eaten that is the question. Chinese rules highlight this very well: every alive stone on the board worth one point. It follows that the stability (strengths … Read more

ASR Go commentary – Huang Longshi vs Jiang Tianyuan – dubbed version – (originally by Planche 6D)

Today we would like to inform you about a well organized French go forum called GO.ON that has a nice collection of go material. They’ve recently opened an English section of their forum. I am going to translate some of their content to make it available for English speaking people (you included;). GO.ON has kindly … Read more