yilun yang vs shinichi56

the teaching game for shinichi56 and yilun yang (nickname pala) has been set. They will play saturday december 17th 17:00 GMT! on another note, this is going to be the last month of sponsoring from Garen for the Yilun Yang prize for a while so after december. Thank you Garen for sponsoring such an awesome … Read more

November 2011 Prizes

Alpha: 1st place: Tgame with Yilun Yang 7p, donated by Garen.  shinichi56 2nd place: 3 month subscription to KGS+, donated by Remina.  faceless1 3rd place: 3 audio go lectures,  donated by snip.  compgo74 4th to 6th place: If you have more then 25+ points you get 1 audio go lecture, ,  donated by snip. geser … Read more

November closed for new players + delta poll

It’s nearing the end of the month and we have closed the league for new players in november league. You can now sign up for december. Remember that if you player 4 or more games you are AUTOMATICALLY in next months league! ALSO we have a poll about how you guys have experienced this months … Read more

3-4 Joseki Lecture by hellsflame

Hey everybody,  On Sat November 19th at about 2:00pm est (7:00pm gmt) I Sarah(hellsflame), will be doing a lecture on 3-4 joseki, this is a semi-public event. This lecture is open to ASR League members 30k-5k. Message me online if you would like to be invited to this lecture, or leave a comment on here … Read more

lecture by senteftw!

senteftw will give a lecture near the end of november and you guys may vote on the topic of the lecture! the poll closes on the 20th so hurry up and vote! I will give you an update on the time of the lecture when senteftw knows it too:) Update: poll closed, it will be … Read more

October prizegiving!

This month was a great month! lots of games and an improvement on the dropout rate we were having lately! with 1272 games played and just under 70% managing over 4 games we begin november with 250 players (though i’m posting this a day late and we’re already at 265). This month we kick of … Read more

prizes change

with the new implementation of the huge delta class we have thought about what this would do to prizes we give out. I’ve already said for a while that prizes are bottom heavy, this means that you have the best chance for prizes if you play in the delta layer. This is obviously not a … Read more

Poll for delta, please vote!

hey guys, If you’ve followed the thread on L19 here you already know about the idea that has arisen but here is what i want you guys to think and vote about. Activity in Delta is low, about 50% or more drops out every month due to inactivity. The reasons are different but we hear … Read more

Delta VI

Delta VI finally has been activated! We find we have enough players (11) to have a nice class-atmosphere, like in other classes at the beginning of a month. Maybe next month we will go back to 6 classes in Delta or find another solution – stay tuned! It’s good if you read it here, but … Read more

September prizegiving

This month was….different. It seems that for everyone life happened (school, work etc) and it resulted in soooo many drops. Over one third of you guys didnt make the 4 game minimum but you guys still managed to play almost 1100 games, which makes me very proud considering it was harder to find a game. … Read more

New admins – we found them!

As you probably know: during the last 1-2 weeks we were looking for admins. We needed help, because some admins could not be active due to their real life consuming more time. But – as the title says – we were consulted by some people and made our pick. Welcome on board! : Remina hellsflame … Read more

September League closed

Another month of the ASR League ended yesterday, that means new players cannot sign up for september anymore. You have finished an astonishing amount of games again: 852. Though it seems a little less than last month, it is still a very high number. Keep the games coming! For the new players who want to … Read more