September prizegiving

This month was….different. It seems that for everyone life happened (school, work etc) and it resulted in soooo many drops. Over one third of you guys didnt make the 4 game minimum but you guys still managed to play almost 1100 games, which makes me very proud considering it was harder to find a game. … Read more

New admins – we found them!

As you probably know: during the last 1-2 weeks we were looking for admins. We needed help, because some admins could not be active due to their real life consuming more time. But – as the title says – we were consulted by some people and made our pick. Welcome on board! : Remina hellsflame … Read more

September League closed

Another month of the ASR League ended yesterday, that means new players cannot sign up for september anymore. You have finished an astonishing amount of games again: 852. Though it seems a little less than last month, it is still a very high number. Keep the games coming! For the new players who want to … Read more

Another prize for alpha yes, news! We have yet another prize to give out this month That is, the 2nd place of the Alpha class will get a teaching game by dexmorgan and  also will be on the Board of Fame of Furthermore he will have access to the Documentary and play a simultaneous game with at … Read more helps ASR event!

A new event with has been launched! This time you can help out both AND the ASR in one fell swoop AND get a game with Gabriel Benmergui (dexmorgan 7d)!!! So, the deal is this. Dexmorgan will do simul games with all players that donate $20 to in groups of at most … Read more

A new prize – again!

Good news again everyone! LonelyJoy has consulted us and donates prizes for the Gamma and Delta layer in September’s League. He donates audiogolessons for players with the best result. For more information have a look at our Prizes-section. So keep the games coming, fellow Gammas and Deltas! Enjoy

august prizes bonanza!

well well well, seems like you guys made it! August may not have been as exciting as July but man, do we have some AWESOME prizes to give out again! thanks to all of you helping out by sponsoring prizes, we really appreciate it and we hope you will continue to help out! A special … Read more

teach’s 1-5 kyu challenge results august

teach’s “Prize” teaching game for Kyu Delta player that best “Drives” his group. In the spirit of keeping groups active. The Contenders: Class Delta_II (33 Players, 116/1056 = 11% games played) hellsflame 45 pts Class Delta_IV (32 Players, 162/992 = 17% games played) av 56 pts Score / Group-Activity = S/GA hellsflame (45 x 1 … Read more

New event! dexmorgan vs pro!

Coming sunday Gabriel Benmergui (dexmorgan) will do another event to raise some funds for his new go server he is developing! Sunday 28 august 18:00 CEST (GMT+2) he will play as white against the korean player Kim Seung-jun 9p in a 3 handicap match! To make up for the handicap white gets 65 komi … Read more

August League closed

August league was closed today. That means, players who want to sign up to the ASR League will be added to our waitinglist to start playing from September 1st on. Just contact an admin for this issue as always. Equally important note:  Games count (again!)  has reached 1000+! While writing this, we have 1011 games … Read more

Events for! (updated)

Gabriel Benmergui, also known on KGS as Dexmorgan 7d is going to develop his own goserver! The name is gonna be and its gonna built up from scratch. To complete this huge feat he is gonna quit his job and therefor he needs some support in the form of donations. So getting attention isn’t … Read more

omg more donations!

so we finally got an amazing donation by remina for alpha, now viperlason topped it by donating another brilliant prize. From september on viperlason will donate a teaching game with yilun yang 7p!! This is the very first pro teaching game ever to be donated to the league and im absolutely thrilled! now, how prizes … Read more

July prizes

A nerve wrecking month it was. Alpha displayed how active they can be by playing 65% (197 games) in their class. Koffein lost out by 0,5 in the final stretch and therefor teach won in alpha win an astounding 27 wins and 4 losses (91% played). In the end we managed to play 1245 games, … Read more