NL (No. 007-0217): Vision/Mission statement, league month March, Rookies, defect KGS games archive


Newsletter to 444 ASR members … archive of all Newsletters & Reminders:  ————- email message ———— From: ASR – Advanced Study Room (league) <>Date: Thu, Mar 2, 2017 at 1:10 AMSubject: vision/mission statement, start of league month March, rookies, defect KGS games archiveTo: …   Dear ASR league members, dear Rookies, dear Go friends ! … Read more

1.5 hours teaching game (audio/video) with Guo Juan (Pro 5 Dan) of January online now


Each month the winner of Alpha league division is rewarded with a teaching game by Guo Juan 5p – one of ASR’s highly profiled GO teachers ! So happened in January 2017 with GoDave89 (1 Dan), the winner of December 2016 league ( see announcement ). Guo J. commented live via audio channel during the teaching game. … Read more

Newsletter (No. 006-0117): two teaching games (announcement), league system alive (again), record attempt, King cake


1:1 copy of email newsletter no. 006-0117 sent on 22nd January 2017 to 422 ASR members… ———- email message ———-From: ASR – Advanced Study Room (league) <>Date: Sun, Jan 22, 2017 at 4:48 AMSubject: two teaching games (announcement), league system alive (again), record attempt, King cakeTo: … Dear ASR members, dear League players, Rookies and Go … Read more

new ASR guideline: “prizes – teaching games” (handout for Go teachers & prize winners)


Go teachers, students (ASR members), winners and guest visitors shall experience the event with live broadcasting at its best. The ASR team advices teacher + winner with following handout (as downloadable pdf format): Basic infos about the (monthly) prizes you find on ASR’s official website: (monthly) prizes… ASR league… ASR guidelines (overview)… … Read more

Results of league month December 2016 … HNY 2017


As reported the automated league system of ASR’s monthly league has (still) some software defects. Therefore the ASR Team had to evaluate the games manually. Following tables are the results for the league divisions alpha, beta, gamma, delta + placement. – You can download the images as pdf here. Congrats to the players who made … Read more

How the Grinch stole away half December from 119 Go players + Rookies !


Dear members of ASR league, dear Rookies & Go friends ! Most of you – at least 119 players (of total 403 registered members) who entered for the league month December –  have been tackled by some technical issues of ASR’s regular website since 15th December. The major impact onto your gaming was that you … Read more

Newsletter (No. 005-1216): teaching games, November prizes, Rookie Challenge Contest …


… the 5th official email newsletter on 5th Dec 2016 to all ASR league players, in total 386 registered members. Former newsletters, reminders in the archive here: ———- email message ———- From: ASR – Advanced Study Room (league) <>Date: Mon, Dec 5, 2016 at 1:55 PMSubject: Newsletter (No. 005-1216): teaching games, November prizes, Rookie Challenge Contest … Read more

new contest for total KGS beginners: ASR’s Rookie Challenge (pre-announcement)


Dear members of ASR league, dear Go friends around the globe ! Beside the registrations of 105 Go players in November we had the pleasure to welcome another seventeen (17), who yet do not fulfill the minimum standards to play in the regularly ASR league. – In total we count now 37 so called “candidates“. … Read more

Advent season: NOVEMBER prizes… 2x teaching games with Guo Juan in December


Dear members of ASR league, dear Go friends! The cold winter grabbed many of us in last weeks. Neither it has influenced the overall activity too badly nor your gaming mood . For instance we count Hyperman1 with 25 games, fightordie with 22 games and an unstoppable GoDave89 who won Beta division. 80% = 83 … Read more