1st night of all nights in GO history: AlphaGo (AI) battles first round agains 9P Dan Lee Sedol (Korea)


… seen at MySanRenSei Blog Posted by LinuxGooo ⋅ March 8, 2016   It will become some exiting five days from 9th March 2016 on in the Four Seasons Hotel in Seoul (Korea) which can be seen as a historical moment in GO history. March 2016 will proof if a highly skilled human player can … Read more

Seminar (South Korea): Logical Foundations of Strategic Reasoning


Thursday November 3rd, 2016   Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST) International Seminar Room, Building N4291 Daehak Ro, Yuseong GuDaejeon 34141South Korea View the Call For Papers Sponsor(s): Korean Society for Baduk StudiesProf. Woosuk Park (President) – http://www.kosbas.or.kr/ Main speakers: Akinori AbeChiba University Lorenzo Magnani University of Pavia Ahti-Veikko PietarinenUniversity of Helsinki John … Read more

Newsletter (No. 003-1116): successful roll out for ASR league in November (pre-announcement) …


… the 3rd official email newsletter to all ASR league players, in total 352 registered members. Former newsletters, reminders in the archive here:http://www.advancedstudyroom.org/newsletter/archive ———— email message ———- From: ASR – Advanced Study Room (league) <>Date: Tue, Nov 1, 2016 at 09:05 pm UTCSubject: successful roll out for ASR league in November (pre-announcement) …To: ASR League … Read more

monitoring of last 30 days : 99.9 % renundance since 2nd server update


The ASR team likes to share with the league members some datas which document the IT work in the back office. Actually the ASR project runs three (3) mysql databases (version 5.47) and two servers (Apache 2.4.10 + Apache Tomcat) with Debian Linux 8 as OS, php (version: 5.6.24-0) and php extensions (e.g. mysqli, curl, mbstring). When the … Read more

Reminder (R005-1016): Still 5 days for your games in α / β / γ / Δ + PL league division


To all ASR league members who have not yet played at all or not reached the minimum number of games was sent indiviually following email reminder … ———- email message ———-   From: ASR – Advanced Study Room (league) <>Date: Wed, Oct 26, 2016 at 9:31 PMSubject: Reminder for ALPHA/BETA/GAMMA/DELTA/PL division (of ASR league)… still … Read more

gaming psychology: Are you alpha, beta, gamma or delta male? (descriptions)


Shortly the ASR Team fell over James C. Weidmann who has his focus on evolutionary psychology (EP). Weidmann is a blogger who writes with the synonym Chateau Heartiste. He is also known as Roissy (as second synonym) and for his “Taxonomy of men” which was published 2009/2010.   Its a funny coincidence, that Roissy uses … Read more

15th-20th Oct: 12th China (Nanning)-ASEAN Board and Card Games International Tournament


Thanks to our Go friend Lapon Jirasophin from Thailand (Bangkok) for sharing some snaps of the 12th China (Nanning)-ASEAN Board and Card games International Tournament which took place from 15th till 20th October 2016. With his team mates he succeeded it to reach the finals (individual men) and semi-finals. This annual event is an invitational … Read more