June 2012 Prizes

Alpha:azon, geser:  1 month of access to the Insei leaguegoogleman: 3 months of KGS+, donated by holynec beta:chemboy613, alchemy: tgame by Sandmann gamma:baboon:Tgame by plusguyzeekmund, lgildas, litchee: 1 audio lesson delta:yusakukudo: 1 audio lesson most active&kyu-malie (tied with baboon alchemy)Kyu player with the best result-rossKyu player with the worst result -mendieta The winners of these … Read more

Big news!

First the minor but not necessarily less important one: our likeable fellow and admin MrZNF has decided to quit as an admin. We want to thank him for his efforts and wish him the best of luck in his go career! Now to the major change: somehow it felt like there were not enough admins … Read more

Prizes May 2012

Superclass 1st place – Kanin Alpha 1st place: compgo74 wins access to the KGS Insei League and access to the superclass, each for 1 month. 2nd place: drgoplayer wins access to the KGS Insei League for 1 month. 3rd place: danielxr wins a tgame with pinguschaf Beta: 1st place: googleman and deadmaker win a teaching … Read more

Prizes April 2012

Lets start off by giving away those prizes from Arpil! Superclass 1st place – Sandmann! Alpha 1st place: leffy wins Tgame with pingushaf + 1 month of access to the superclass . 2nd place: faceless1 wins 3 audiogolessons. 3rd place: akagi wins 1 audiogolesson drgoplayer, kabradarf and copmgo74 with 4th, 5th and 6th place receives … Read more

Prizes March 2012

Lets start off by giving away those prizes from March! Alpha 1st place: kabradarf wins Tgame with pingushaf + 1 month of access to the superclass . 2nd place: faceless1 wins 3 audiogolessons. 3rd place: compgo74 wins 1 audiogolesson Beta: 1st place: akagi and clynch7 wins a teaching game with Sandmann Gamma: 1st place: dariusa … Read more

New admin – all welcome RBerenguel

Hi All, Please welcome the new face on the ASR team – RBerenguel. He’s coming in with fresh ideas, enthusiasm, and motivation, and hopefully will allow us to carry on finding ways to improve the ASR and take it forward through 2012 and beyond! – Graham

Changes abound as we head into April

Another successful month is wrapping up, and there are a few new changes to announce for the new month. Firstly, our admins hellsflame and kotomi have decided to take break from their work in the ASR. They’ve been an active part of the team for a few months now, so a great big thanks for … Read more

Prizes February 2012

Lets start off by giving away those prizes from February! Alpha1st place: TomoyaKun wins 1 month of access to the superclass .2nd place: Shinichi56 wins 3 audiogolessons (donated by jozles ) .3rd place: compgo74 wins 1 audiogolesson4th, 5th and 6th places: plusguy, faceless1 and tanushka wins 1 audio go lecture. Beta:1st place: eddy wins a … Read more

Gamma – a safer place

hey everyone! We decided that due to the size of gamma the safe zone should be extended. Now the top 12 players of Gamma will be safe from demotion. So make sure you reach those places and nothing can happen to you! Good luck

Prizes January 2012

Lets start off by giving away those prizes from January! Alpha1st place: shinichi56 wins a teaching game with Catalin Taranu 5p (sponsored by holynec).2nd place: geser wins a 3 month subscription to kgs+ sponsored by Remina.3rd place: niark wins teaching game with billlin 8d4th place: Agzam wins 1 audio go lecture, donated by jozles. He … Read more

SuperClass Returns!

Hey everyone! I hope your excited as I am for February’s SuperClass we got a couple willing players to play in SuperClass!  SuperClass will let us to be able to see some nice slow games!^ ^ ASR members from alpha to delta rev up those engines the winner of Alpha for next months prize gets to play in … Read more

Delta VI

Delta VI finally has been activated! We find we have enough players (11) to have a nice class-atmosphere, like in other classes at the beginning of a month. Maybe next month we will go back to 6 classes in Delta or find another solution – stay tuned! It’s good if you read it here, but … Read more

New admins – we found them!

As you probably know: during the last 1-2 weeks we were looking for admins. We needed help, because some admins could not be active due to their real life consuming more time. But – as the title says – we were consulted by some people and made our pick. Welcome on board! : Remina hellsflame … Read more

September League closed

Another month of the ASR League ended yesterday, that means new players cannot sign up for september anymore. You have finished an astonishing amount of games again: 852. Though it seems a little less than last month, it is still a very high number. Keep the games coming! For the new players who want to … Read more