From the Office desk… MAGIC 28 – the Moonshine Life of the ASR league.

  Dear Go fellows, dear members of ASR League ! It’s  five (5) weeks now since I overtook ASR – Advanced Study Room with full responsibility (see my former “From the Office desk…” notices here). Besides the huge work which has to be done to bring the ASR league back to life, I give it … Read more

From the office desk: second week… the job of a watchmaker

  Hello, dear Go friends & league members ! This “week report” starts to run a little more smoothly ! As I said in my last week post, creating a safe environment  for the league members, guarantee data privacy and intensifying a communication (driven by transparency) are my main areas to focus on, for now … Read more

Newsletter (No. NL009-0917): ASR’s new independence …


newsletter no. 009-0917 to more than 540 registered ASR members … see archive of all News. ———- email message ———- From: ASR – Advanced Study Room (Services) <…@advancedstudyroom….> Date: Tue, Sep 19, 2017 at 12:38 PM Subject: ASR – Advanced Study Room … newsletter no. NL009-0917: ASR’s new independence … To: …@… Dear ASR members, dear Go enthusiasts ! Summer … Read more

NL (No. 007-0217): Vision/Mission statement, league month March, Rookies, defect KGS games archive


Newsletter to 444 ASR members … archive of all Newsletters & Reminders:  ————- email message ———— From: ASR – Advanced Study Room (league) <>Date: Thu, Mar 2, 2017 at 1:10 AMSubject: vision/mission statement, start of league month March, rookies, defect KGS games archiveTo: …   Dear ASR league members, dear Rookies, dear Go friends ! … Read more

HD teaching videos with Guo Juan (Pro 5 dan) available… short reminder for the ASR league


——– email Message to 301 league players——– Subject:  HD teaching videos with Guo Juan (5 Pro dan) available… short reminder for the ASR league Date:   Mon, 26 Sep 2016 20:30:00 (CET) From:   ASR – Advanced Study Room (league) <> To:    …   Dear members of the ASR league, The two teaching games of August … Read more

KGS Go server looses 8.46% in 33 days: Underpining the fundament of ASR’s virtual home…


It’s now 12 weeks the ASR Team is working continuously on renovating and modernizing the home of ASR – Advanced Study Room and its unique ASR league since it overtook full responsibility on 29th June 2016 for the ASR future. As you might have noticed in the “from the office desk” messages its a full … Read more

… and the winner is: JULY review + prizes (for 7 league members).


Dear Go friends, dear ASR members ! As expected, in July league we saw a decrease in activity probably due to live events such as the EGC (St. Petersburg) and USGC (Boston), the 1st Go Congress in Japan (15th-18th with the Osaka Go Camp) and many more (national) summer camps. Yet in the Beta league … Read more

Newsletter (no. NL011-1117) … November league, Calendar tool, 25th EGCC anniversary, Shanglv cup


email newsletter no. NL011-1117 to >550 registered ASR members. All newsletters can be re-read in the archive here:    ———- email message ———- From: ASR – Advanced Study Room (Services) <> Date: Thu, Nov 9, 2017 at 11:26 PM Subject: Newsletter (no. NL011-1117) … November league, Calendar tool, 25th EGCC anniversary, Shanglv cup … To: …@…   Dear members … Read more