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Dear Member of ASR, dear Go Friend !

The summer has finally come to an end. Let’s now welcome the beautiful colors of Autumn and enjoy the ‘Indian summer’.

October league started regularly on time on the 2nd at 12:00 am UTC . For the active players in the ASR league, get your division on the results page –

As soon we count 4 games for a player, it will also start the new seasonal event “Autumn leaves” for a 3 months duration (as follow-up of the ASR Summer Sunshine Contest) !

Since September are available the new communication tools to organize your gaming very easily (outside of KGS Go server):

(1) ASR’s own Chat server (with 4 rooms + instant messages)
(2) PM system (private messages + email notification)

Get and use the tools from here (after safe login) :

It’s the first part (level A) of the ASR GAME Planner prototype. The gaming calendar, as 3rd and final tool of the ASR GAME planner, will be fostered during October.

All active ASR members can now easily organize their games and communicate without visiting the KGS Go server by using the chat channels and private message system (with email notification).
We also have upgraded the ASR Server on 29th September to have enough capacities in reserve for intensive use of the website, see documentation .

! IMPORTANT ! – Only one game was played in Delta division. Such extreme passivity has consequences; it hinders the rotation system (upgrading + downgrading within the 5 divisions) and is affecting all the active participants.

Since the ASR Team was handed over the ASR project end of June 2016, we have stated different times that for the ASR – Advanced Study Room and a lively Go community, the core substance is to follow the ASR SPIRIT (Bushido Codex), see .

When registering into an event, each ASR member has a duty against the other players to have a lively Go community. Keep it in mind pls. Extreme passivity will not be tolerated in the near future.

The ASR community can have a strong vitality as we have seen in 2016 with 400 games played monthly by ~70 players. – Feel free to give us your personal feedback and ideas how to deal with passivity as experienced in the Delta league division.

(Rec.: Till April 2017, we had very interesting feedback from many players, as documented here … )

You can send to the ASR Team directly your critics by opening a ‘ticket’ …

International Tournaments, 1st Latin American Go Congress …
End of October will take place the biggest amateur tournament in China, the Shanglv International City Cup.
In order to encourage more foreign Go Players to participate in, the organizer (Hangzhou Branch of China Qiyuan) decided to undertake entire accommodation fee staying in 5-star hotel.

Take the chance to meet the ASR team manager Guillaume Douron (aka litchee) who lives since more than 3 years in China with his wife. See all details in our post to register ! –

For all the ASR members in Europe, who can’t make it to China … it’s a good chance to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the EGCC (European GO Cultural Center) in Amsterdam and to take part in the special tournament on 21st-22nd October. All details here …

For our members from South America (e.g. Chile, Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela) in Cancun (Mexico) will take place the first Latin American Go Congress from 13th till 15th October along with the 19th Ibero American Go Championship, the final match of the 1st Pandanet Go Latin American Team Championship and 1st Latin American Youth Go Championship. Details here …

The whole ASR team wishes you a great month of Go gaming and learning !

Warm Greetings
– The ASR Team –
/ ASR – Advanced Study Room /

P.S.: If you have any questions about the ASR project feel free to check the ASR Info & Support Center. There you find a full documentation with more tha 125 articles. No registration or login is needed – .


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