Mexico (Cancun): 1st Latin American Go Congress (13th-15th Oct)

logo-amgo-102017-1Inspite heavy hurricanes, tropical storms and earth quakes we had to notice last weeks Mexico still is being chosen as the host country for the 1st Latin American Go Congress and the Ibero American Go Championship (CIG). It will be the biggest go event in Latin American. It is sponsored by the International Go Federation (IGF).

The event will host not only the 19th Ibero American Go Championship, but alsothe final match of the 1st Pandanet Go Latin American Team Championship, the 1st Latin American Youth Go Championship and the 2nd Ibero American Pair Go Championship. More details here.

panda_finalmatch-13102017-1“Last year we launched the first Pandanet Go Latin American Team Championship (PGLATC) a 10-team league with teams formed of the top players of each participating country” reports Mexican Go Association’s president Emil García. The agreement with Pandanet is that the top two teams at the end of the league will get the chance to play an over the board final  at the CIG in Mexico- with travel expenses sponsored by Pandanet (Rec.: Details about the league here.)

“Our idea  is to make this a Latin American Go Congress, run both the CIG and the PGLATC final plus some activities with pro players for the participants, in the fashion of the US Go Congress or the European Go Congress,” adds García (source: American Go E-Journal, 19th April 2017).

Mateusz Surma (1 Pro Dan EGF)
Mateusz Surma (1 Pro Dan EGF)

A Go Instructors seminar will be taught by experts of Kwonkapyong International Baduk Academy (KIBA), one of the top Go academies in South Korea. Professional players from Japan, Korea and North America will be hand as well to teach lectures, review championship games and play simul games with the participants. Enda Hideki 9p from the Nihon Ki-in (Japan) and Cho Hye-Yeon 9p from the Hankuk Kiwon (South Korea) will also make reviews, give lectures and play simlutanous games. Mateusz Surma 1p is sent by the European Go Federation (EGF) to give some lectures, comments on games and also play some simultaneous games with the participants (source: EGF News – 28th August 2017).

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“We are expecting many players from abroad. From Argentina, Colombia, Brasil and Ecuador we have complete delegations registered, among participants from other countries as Costa Rica, Venezuela, Denmark and the US” reports Congress director and Mexican Go Association president Emil García. “It will be a great event. It’s about time that Latin America had its own Congress …” (source: American Go E-Journal, 30th August 2017)

The event is planned to take place in the Hotel Emporio, in Cancun (South East Mexico) on October 13th-15th, 2017. For now have registered 88 participants.

More details and registration on the specific website:

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