Since 05:40 pm UTC the ASR server is up again ! – Protocol of upgrade is closed …

After a full backup of the Debian Linux 8 server (with Apache, MySQL and WordPress) the ASR Team pressed the resize button on time as announced at 03:30 pm UTC (05:30 pm CET) to resize the server disk space from 20 GB to 40 GB.

This step became urgent for using smoothly the new communication tools (“Private Message system” and “Chat plugin”) of the ASR GAME Planner and to run the “WordPress caching” more efficiently which will speed up the website performance for our users. The old server capacities had been at 94.86% of disk space use, close to the very limit. Doubling the disk space the server runs now with 47.27%.


With the latest 1.5 hours check, it seems that the ASR league system, content management system, ASR Forum and auto-backup systems… etc. etc. etc. … all functions and features are working properly now with 100% more capacities (RAM + Cache), with a zero failure quote (100.00% renundance).

It was the 3rd server upgrade (after the first upgrade on 18th August 2016) since the ASR team overtook the ASR project end of June 2016, under team leadership of Guillaume D. (4 Dan CGF).

Also thanks to the support team of our provider, who hosts the ASR platform in Singapore and New York (cloud based data center).

Have fun with GO ! – Enjoy your stay as active league member in our 5 divisions (alpha, beta, gamma, delta, placement) of monthly ASR League, the Rookie Challenge and seasonal contests.

The ASR Team

P.S.: Server upgrade = higher server costs. As the project runs fully by donations the ASR Team would appreciate your support to the unique ASR project… which counts now more than 540 GO players in the ASR league. See our monthly statistics. – Many tks for your kind support !


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