Reminder (R010-0917): September League, new Communication Tools, seasonal event in October …

Reminder (R010-0917) to all >540 ASR members … see archive of all News, Reminders …
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From: ASR – Advanced Study Room (Services) <…@advancedstudyroom…>
Date: Wed, Sep 27, 2017 at 10:13 PM
Subject: Reminder (R010-0917): September League, new Communication Tools, seasonal event in October …
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Dear member of ASR – Advanced Study Room, 
its still 3-4 days to play your minimum 4 games for staying in the monthly league. The current September league will end very soon, on 30th Sept 2017 – 24:00 UTC. 
The ASR Team likes to remind and encourage you to play the games you need to stay for October in the ASR league as “active player”. Check out your opponents on the results pages (after login) … 
We have overhanded to all active players one week ago (via email notice) the new communication tools (as part of the new ASR GAME Planner) to organize your games most efficiently … no more wasting time to wait on KGS Go server for new opponents. 
You can contact your opponents in the same league division easily and directly: 
– PM (private message) system with email notification 
– ASR’s new public and private chat channels 
Access for active players after login: 
(Rec.: All Help & Info pages here : 
Beginning of October will also start a new seasonal event, the ASR Autumn Leaves Contest (with be the same setting as the ASR Summer Sunshine contest); all those who play four (4) games in the ASR League will be automatically be seeded in the new seasonal event for the next 3 months ! (announcement will follow separately) 
We greatly appreciate the engagement of all our league members. We wish you a pleasant journey through the World of GO while playing in the ASR room ! 
Warm greetings 
Guillaume D. aka litchee (4D CWF) 
– The ASR Team – 
/ ASR – Advanced Study Room / 
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